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Tony morrison died died today at the age of eighty eight the first african american woman to win the nobel prize in literature mars and told the b._b._c. back in two thousand nine at writing about slavery with such a a large subject there were moments when i faltered and you know i would stop writing for a while until the language was air but my job was so easy compared to theirs so i thought well if they could endure that live the least i could do is <hes> right about it. Lavinia jennings is an english professor at the university of tennessee ac- she's also the author of tony morrison and the idea of africa. I s jennings about meeting. Tony morrison it was glorious. We were in charleston south carolina at a tony morrison society conference and it was an honor morrison's always very a gracious she would often come to the conferences lent her support her encouragement her guidance. She was a phenomenal mentor. Tertre woman leader writer i. I'm guessing that wasn't the first time you've met her in person what she like. Ms morrison was a woman of my mother's generation the way she comported herself the way she spoke her concerns. Her issues were very much. The issues choosing concerns that <unk> mother and women in my church very much spoke about in the ways that she did genius does not describe driver. It just does not encapsulated her. Morrison was a person who could break ideas of race and class engender down to its very core. She understood all the nuances of that. Her art was a compelling tool fool for women across the board. She was just cut to the core up an issue or a matter like laser so professor jennings. You've got at this really tight connection with tony morrison. Were you feeling today. <hes> great sadness great loss. She was is of course an american writer but she was a global treasurer. I'm thinking about how her novel beloved had. Its thirtieth anniversary surrey in two thousand seventeen <hes> it's appeared in seventy five customers all over the world she was read by readers and finland in spain and egypt slovenia the netherlands <hes> many students who would reach out to me as a scholar would often be readers in students students from china so she was a global treasure her themes her writings resonated with readers across the globe she another stood the politics of humanity do her own writings provide you with the thought or a quote or even a moment that you shared with her something. Having you kind of we'll hang onto definitely i'm a part of the tony morrison society and i i was at nyack new new york two thousand fifteen. It was commemorating a project and nyack is where morrison's home is and after the celebration she invited the members of the society to her home and as many no she lost a son and as i was is leaving her home there's this wonderful portrait of that son and i pause to look at it and as i was looking at it. She said eh handsome isn't he. And i said yes he is and to me. That's the moment that i feel. I really cherish that. I was one of many who was allowed to come into a personal space and to visit with her university of tennessee professor. Lavinia jennings helping us remember writer tony morrison who died today at the age of eighty eight lavinia. Thank you very much thank you. Trump's man in moscow is out and let's face it the job of u._s. ambassador to russia at this moment moment in history that is a tough gig been sitting at the post for two years while the u._s..

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