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I'm a little landscape Connecticut. Excuse my language. I'm a US. Come on you know Merrick. I believe I was in Ecuador. Why were WHATSAPP each other by using? What's that I mean? I'd like to see the full tax tomorrow because there is some real colorful stuff's up by partners okay. So here is is the latest. According to NPR Ukraine's national police are now investigating whether US ambassador. Maria Banovic was under surveillance last spring. Something implied in a series of. What's at messages between Robert? Hyde and associate of Rudy Giuliani president. Trump's personal lawyer between left Parnassus and Robert Hide the texts made public between partisan hide a trump supporter and retired marine running for Congress in Connecticut suggested that amount of which was being monitored both latronic electronically and in person in an apparent breach of Diplomatic Security Hydrogen one message. That are moving her tomorrow yet. The guys over there asked me what I would like to do. And what's in it for them. Ukrainian authorities said the implication. That ambassador was under illegal surveillance and her latronic gadgets interfered with by the private persons at the request of US citizens suggests a possible violation of its own laws as well as the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations which protects diplomats on foreign soil. So in other words love harness the guy who is testifying Zoll trump was coordinating with Robert Hyde. Possibly according to these text messages they seem to suggest in order to survey Marie Ivanovich and according to police officers coming down from from which is weird. Because from could've just fired Ivanovich anytime he wanted she was in his ambassador. Is the president of the United States. Why in the world would he need surveillance? Why would he need is on marie-yvonne image? Introduce all of this like there's no actual or is it now it's possible that idiocy explains all of this and that trump is involved in the idiocy. But we're going to need to talk to somebody who actually talk trump and that is why in the end. All that's going to happen here as the Senate is going to have to call some of these people as witnesses. That's where this is going. The Senate will in fact call these people as witnesses there are. There is not enough support in the Senate to dismiss the charges outright. especially not with all this roiling so this impeachment thing in the Senate could actually get fairly interesting acting between talk about the Impoundment Control Act and left parties and all the rest but suffice it to say that the media's newfound obsession with lead Parnis hero of the resistance in this way a little bit and Michael Cohen was a was a convicted liar left harnesses under indictment right now for corruption. Those are not your best sources when it comes to an unbiased the view of what exactly is going on here especially when they're appearing on Rachel maddow enthusiastically feeding her. Whatever it is that she wants to hear so? That is your latest on the bombshells in impeachment. Gate Twenty twenty which is in fact eating both of those are relevant pieces of Information Love Story and the Gao Story Again J. O.. Story I tend to actually kind of agree with the GAO's assessment but that does not mean that it's impeachable and just means a problem between the executive and legislative branch. That has a statutory remedy. You APARNA stuff. The idea that the president was telling him him to go get people to shadow. Yamada Vich or that. The president was telling was telling Lebanese that he ought to go dig up. Nefarious information on Joe Abide Neuro again. That is third hand stuff and the Democrats could have called Parnis at any time and they could call Giuliani at any time. But they're not calling any of these people which is at the very least somewhat suspicious Asia's better for them frankly that trump gets acquitted and then they can sit around talking about how it's giant cover up by all the Republicans. I think that is what they're looking for at this point okay. Meanwhile in the twenty twenty Democratic presidential race we saw Rackham Stockham robots the debate the other night it was really between Sanders and Warren Elizabeth. Warren suddenly conveniently remembered like two weeks out from the Iowa caucuses causes which by the way are going to be wild. Because the caucuses this year are going to be held differently than they have been in past years so typically the Iowa caucus results come down to who has the most delegates now. The Democratic Party is GonNa now who has the most votes at the beginning of the night. Who has the most votes at the end of the night and the number of delegates one which could create the ability for several candidates to claim victory? Because just because you win the most votes does not mean that you win the most delegates in caucus states because again the caucuses are not held on raw voting power. Not An advocate voting outing power the the the way you have certain caucuses in the caucuses if a majority of the caucus vote for candidate than all of that caucus electoral votes all delegates. Let's go to that candidate so it's sort of like Electro College. There could be a difference between the popular vote in the Electoral College in Iowa. Effectively speaking well that could create room for conflict. Things get real wild while well as as you're saying Elizabeth Warren the other night suddenly conveniently remembered two weeks out the Bernie. Sanders is a brutal sexist. And then you'll recall the magical moment after the debate uh where Elizabeth Warren went up to Sanders. Sanders stuck out his hands. Shake her hand and she immediately started berating him about something and Tom. Steyer awkwardly in the background started to back away like homer Simpson into the bushes well now. CNN has released the audio of this exchange. Now I've a question. How is that even remotely journalistically decent? Truly like that's a serious question. We have all of these like if you're on CNN. You're one of the candidates. Your assumption fairly is that after the debate is over your mic is off right. That is the assumption and the fact that CNN is not like CNN's not releasing the conversations that are going on in the background. Right here between Joe Biden and Tom Steiner or anything either. They're only releasing the conversation between Warren and Sanders. I mean I think Sandra's people have a reason to complain here. Why is it that? CNN is conveniently releasing audio. That is done off Mike effectively. Why and how? How do they have the authority to do that? On any journalistic is pretty impressive anyway. Here's is what actually gets said. Here's the problem for warrant. It makes her look even worse than she actually is told me a liar on national TV. I think you told me a liar. unnaturally told me. Let's not do it right now. One of that discussion will have you.

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