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With any purchase. That's too fresh. Never Frozen beef Patties, Val tomorrow on Leah participating Denver front range Wendy's locations. Well, Katie, the Box of shot 17 3 pointers and the Nuggets 12 in the first quarter, so there's gonna be a lot of three shot this game costs that's on pace for 116 3 pointers. Middleton mid range fade away, Right on cue is good. He got fouled us. Well, that will be on Will Barton and that'll be an and one free throw coming up here for Chris Middleton, Well and causer. Remember, the Milwaukee Bucks set a record for the most threes made in the game already this season against Miami, so they hit 29 threes on 51 attempts. In that game. They scored 144 points. They're on pace for that. And the Nuggets of shot more than they have. No, they haven't I take that back right side Is Monty more stop the key to block Coach Shank Sharp. He hands it off behind him to Barton, back behind him now to Monte Monte Loops it over to Michael Green for three. That one's no good rebound comes down to Middleton. Nuggets leader by two high right side story Craig in the three That was good, his second of the game, and here comes Monte Morris Nuggets are now trailing for the first time in a long time, 43 to 42 Monta peels his way through the defenders stutter step in a drive to the lane. He goes layup, no good late whistle and a foul called by the wrong official, Shaun Wright, the outside official. Bailed out. Jeremias portrayed us It was on the call in Monte Morris will step to the free throw line. And that was really interesting Defense by the Bucks. They had no Lowman to rotate over. So Monty essentially. Had a wide open layup but got fouled in the process of going up for it..

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