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Was the seventh day in the impeachment trial of president. Donald Jaffar trump and the big news is still the bombshell dropped by John Bolton two former national security adviser and broke ass monopoly. Man You see in his upcoming book. John Bolton claims that president trump did in fact have a quid pro quo with Ukraine and where he demanded dirt on Joe Biden and a side of fries so John Bolton has now thrown a wrench into trump's impeachment trial which has been a major topic topic of discussion amongst trump's most trusted advisers Fox News. Now what's interesting. Is that not too long ago. John Bolton was clearly part of the Fox family joining us now Fox News contributor former. US Ambassador to the UN. John Bolton who better to bring in American Enterprise Institute scholar Ambassador John Bolton Ambassador Bolton always good to see you good morning not a good evening ambassador. Merry Christmas love seeing each and every day ambassador. John Lewis being walked to the studio by Stan. This is it. Oh Man. If Shakira's hips don't lie then those lips the lions because of that look at that it looks like he's legs or fused directly to his shoulders. It's like watching C.. Three Po trying to tour. That's so that looks like and you can tell you can tell how much people at Fox cared for. John Bolton goofy uncle who just wants to have fun and wipe Iran off the planets on it but now that Bolton's allegations could hurt. President Trump Fox News has made it very clear that he's no longer invited to the family. cookouts we heard from other other people Closely tied to the White House. Who Said Look John Bolton is simply trying to sell a book and that's why the timing is so delicious there is nothing thing Bolton adds to the conversation? That's John Bolton. Well it's really disappointing. If he ends up being just another think tank type trying to cash in on his time the White House and the only reason isn't anyone cares about what bulletin has to say is because he was trump's national security advisor period..

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