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It may be running backwards compatible games and xbox one mode that because the GP was so much mark capable and knowing what we know about how backwards compatibility works. You should actually be able to clean up performance issues, digital foundries John Lennon said. So Games that may maybe struggle on xbox one s either dynamic resolution was overly aggressive with slowdown and things like that. Conceivably, they should actually run noticeably smoother on this machine furthermore, the xbox series s also boast direct x Ray Tracing Four K. streaming media playback variable. Rate Shade and refresh rate in much more what. I cannot believe you made it through that story as easily as you did, that is impressive. I covered all of them reveal info on last week's show and that trust me like I think I got all my flips out then because it was a lot and also it was funny because my cereal my iphone kept going off she kept thinking I was saying Hey Siri now saying xbox series that was pretty good. Sane? I mean they did this themselves right man. I, feel like, I just burn a thousand calories just reading that whole story. It's so much brainwork. Imagine imaginative. It just call the xbox three. I mean I would've taken that like no problem. So yeah, it took me a long. It's a hot minute to figure out what all actually means but I think I think I had my head wrapped around. Are you ladies following as well? Yes. So it sounds like the series s is going to be not backwards compatible with the way the xbox one is. Right. Correct. Yeah. So the experts xbox series asked when backwards compatible games we'll have the enhanced. Whatever's of the xbox one x backwards compatibility. But it will have like the retracing XYZ. Anyway I'm Kinda. surprised. Maybe check and let us know. But I feel like this isn't that surprising you know it's like you have the xbox series s for the xbox. One S xbox one X for xbox series. I can't what she said. Exactly. Do you ever get. Jennifer. When these stories about the new tech come out, is it something that's exciting to you as somebody who works in the industry? Are you like over my head? I can't deal. Sounds Great. Yes, just. Nod? Right he's GonNa Watch you play. This is the best. Yeah I also don't really care too much about the nitty gritty specifics, but there is a portion of gaming audience at very much cares a lot about it's. Like without them, that's how we all move forward. Right? Like we need their their know how Are. Part of those people who make all that stuff happen. Yeah. That's very true. Eight paste. I do like how four K. is becoming more common. Now, I remember at the beginning of this last generation it was one of those things that's still kind of felt like a luxury, and now it seems like almost every game supports four K and obviously that both the new consoles are going to support for K. and I think that I love scene gaming characters and four K., but I never wanNA see myself in. Yes. To that. I'm like Mo Cap. Yes. Like animation. Awesome. Real skin. No thanks. That much reality A. Are there. Any upcoming game launches that you're looking for to kind of checking out I know you don't play a lot but just kind of checking out the work of some of your fellow colleagues in the Acting Business Oh. Yeah. There's like there's a big star wars announced today I believe. The Empire would is the empire hold on I have it right here. No Nashiri deal. I don't think so. Let me find it. Let me find it. Let me find it. I just got it right here where to go where to go. Of course. Here it is. Star Wars squadrons they've got that stuff. That's like stuff that my friends are in. That's coming out. I'm like that's so cool. That's cool. Yeah. I got to go to work now. That is. Sorry go ahead Brit. They didn't. They just announced that it has all that joystick compatibility and whatnot and that was yeah. That's looks fun I'm worried I would get sick though. Oh. My God I've done that I've been on streams and like sitting behind and there's giant being we're we're going through the rooms and stuff and like I'm starting to get the cold sweats and I thought it was something I ate and I was like no emotion sick from this thing. So just spent the rest of the St stream staring at the bottom of the TV just like. Yeah this is great. Cold Sweat. Our of. Oh. So no boy I know. So No, Bueno. But Britain. Do you look at some of this go? This is important or do you think that it's just another talking point and raise a reason for gamers either to get mattered to get excited I look at this and go this keeps bringing back the backwards compatibility issue or question we always ask or talk about does it really matter that much people are using backwards compatibility knowing that there's so many new games coming out every single week. Yeah you know for me personally, it doesn't matter because real talk I. Don't Know How often I'm going to even use the backwards compatibility feature. Probably, GonNa play the Games that he can play on my xbox series x incense that's a console I plan on buying it doesn't really affect me I think..

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