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For everybody and we're GONNA use Fox News here as our source but Ms Pocahontas Warrant Herself Elizabeth Warren G. as efficiently done Monday. Newson's you're in our GotTa keep going. Pocahontas has fired up smoke signals. Ladies and gentlemen and we're getting confirmed reports that are smoke signal analysis tells us that Elizabeth Warren has dropped out of the race. That's right the final hurdle be really the last one for the The early bird showdown between Biden and Bernie has now cleared the way So let's go to Fox News right now and let's hear what they had to say. Officially of a Miss Elizabeth Warren bowing out. We got another Fox News a lot of breaking news this morning Jewish Center Elizabeth Warren. Now planning to drop out of the presidential race that according to The New York Times. They say that she will inform her staff of her plans later this morning. That's right Elizabeth Warren dropping out wants a front runner. She was unable to basically build support in fact in her own home state And so certainly did hurt her big time so a lot of people had called her selfish for not dropping out before Super Tuesday votes could have easily helped Biden and some of those states that he lost how sanders who those states that he lost to. Biden. That's going to be the key. Moving forward. Joe Biden was able to get amy klobuchar onboard better or could obviously previously dropped out as well as people to judge. Got Buddha judge and club drop out shortly before Super Tuesday and endorse him. Yeah meanwhile Elizabeth Warren stayed in drew some votes we believe away from Bernie Sanders our analysts saying that some of those votes could have gone to Joe Biden as well but she's more of the Progressive Wing as you say like Bernie Sanders so there you go folks. That's that's it and since Miss Elizabeth Miss Senator Elizabeth. Warren has decided to drop out. Let's dust this off for one more as she rides off into the sunset on her divorce with her firewater. Thank you Elizabeth Warren for all for representing the Pocahontas of the world. And really being..

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