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Men amount of rain that came to parts of the upper mid west is staggering it's really hard to imagine the rain is stop the flooding is not david begg knows they're authorities say two months of ring have fallen just twelve hours here and gurney north of chicago it's not uncommon to see flooding here but at one point six trillion gallons of water fell this week on portions of wisconsin and illinois where bruce rounders the governor volks guelleh's not raining anymore things are just vibe or they're getting better they're not in lake county illinois fifty eight hundred buildings have reportedly been damaged by floodwater forecasters say flooding in the northern chicago suburbs will get worse over the next few days as water flows down rivers in the state from wisconsin there are emergency declarations and counties in several states flooded denials coming away from a former trump campaign official dealing with russia michael caputo spent several hours behind closed doors with members of the house intelligence committee detail on the fact that i had no contact with russians that i never heard of anyone in the trump campaign talking with russians but i never was asked questions about my time in russia that i never even spoke to anybody about russia i never heard the word russia and we did not use russian dressing caputo who worked for a time as an advisor to the russians stateowned conglomerate gazprom said he's not seen or spoken to the president since inauguration day in january they'll rakoff cbs news washington new details are starting to come out of the grisly pennsylvania farm murders that have the nation enthralled the past week cosmo denardo was accused of killing jimmy patrick and has got to sean kraft is accused of helping here's dimarco martin ed vesey gator say denardo acted alone would he allegedly took patrick who was the first to go missing to a remote area on the property and shot and killed him with a twenty two caliber rifle two days later authorities say that did not oh and kratz shot and killed the other three man denardo was confessed to the murders that have happened after a drug deal can't keep a good man down former president jimmy carter is back building houses one day after being hospitalized and he told his maids sorry hovering attention to this present completely unintentional anna milligrams the.

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