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Donaldson her as seventy four inches of only thirty eight strikes through four eventful innings, but has kept a two one lead, go to the bottom of the fourth Bruce name. Castio leads off against Arturo rates. First pitch fastball right in at the needs for strike one. I they one of the reasons the PawSox this lead he had an RBI single with two out in the first whereas swan at lifted at a rate sent a plate for Jason coats few steps who's right right fielder reaches up above the chest to make the one handed catch. The reigning better of the week in our league is now one for two Bryce sprints, Janssen witty the next to do. Coming up later on tonight after hopefully they got some sleep. The Red Sox said the Minnesota Twins will be back at it for the rubber match of their three-game series. Pitched brands breaking ball. Low ball one. That game last night. A target field ended at about two o'clock in the morning here eastern time. One two brands high to know that ultimately a seventeen inning win for the twins. That had a little bit of everything. Do it. Oh, bech. Good fastball. It set corner belt. Tune one abrasive granite into a fielder's choices I then stranded couple of runners in the first raise ready to one swing soft ground ball towards third base. Twisting foul picked up. Why do the bag by Brosseau? Do it too. So tonight. After splitting a couple of games twins Red Sox again. And they'll try to in the nine I think that would be preferable to both sides, not Kevin Walker. Poss- knocks pitching coach today when you wake up in my case and C seventeen innings, you think about him and what it means for the repercussions coming down the line to Brent swings and misses two seam fastball. That was up that is strikeout number four for Zerorez. He struck out. Three of the four batters to face ever since the gala Gero. Like he's did into another year. Hey guys had a good year and it started in AA form like we talked about it is continued up here at the AAA level. He's definitely found something since last year in the cardinals organization, Janssen witty, flew out, deep dissenters for time in eerie lines went into left on come, so lack, typing forward can't get it ball bounces into his glove on the sliding attempts and witty is safe where the hits. Seeking top speed line drive. It was hit really hard again, by witty, Nick Zolak. Tried to sell it like took it away from him. The third base umpire. Dan, Brazil was having none of it. So lack natural infielder by trade didn't get all that poor but jump on it at all. It just like you said sinking line drive. There was hit on the screws by witty tough to make that play for anyone out there. So now wants Centeno with one and two out PawSox lead to two one first pitch in the dirt, nice blocked by Peres. The catcher said ten granted into the first basement his first time. Like you were talking about repercussions after a big league seventeen in a game. Well, the roster move that came today was that Josh Smith was recalled right after he had just been options like twenty four hours earlier. Here's the one outside tuneup. That is Smith getting to go back up because of an injury door Velazquez. He was terrific. I thought watching that game, by the way, I did. Hector come back from a back issue. Gut it out for antics to pitch Brandon heart foul up the first base line two and one so expert finally had to be removed before the seventeenth began, and you could see fighting back the whole time, just about he was on the, and he gave his team, a lot of good work that I always back on the injured list, what he'd been on the aisle width comes off first outing since coming back, he gives them a huge lift like you said, unfortunately, it's got to go right back on to one yanked on the ground valley was way out in front of that ditch was one to two probably would have just kept rolling with it because they wanted to stay away from Marcus Walden, who is the only guy left in the bullpen guys that you thought would be bullpen arms at the start of the night. And then, of course they had to go to Brian Johnson after that Brian Johnson. Alexkor said today, he's still in line to start this weekend. So, unfortunately BJ took the loss, but he did not have to throw a lot of pitches. Runner at first weighty to out now the too high a fastball. Big catch by. Peres full-count. Tonight. It said war Rodriguez versus Kyle Gibson. Red Sox had won six in a row before that loss last night. So not like the sky is falling. Just feels worse when you lose the seventeen and a game in nine and a half. Runner will go. Witty is off three to swollen it had high in the air and not very deep in the center waiting for. It is splits Jake claps his hands into his glove, then he reaches up and makes the catch. That's. Media depth fly ball there by Senator the inning. One man left we go to the fifth. Let's and go back to the hill with a two one lead on the PawSox radio network..

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