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Now you coming down on ancestry DNA tests, and I think history is going to repeat itself. This article basically says that even if you don't send your DNA into the internet, they will be able to deduce all of your DNA info anyways. Yeah, they need like six million people. They're halfway there. All felons, you know, have to give up their puck and DNA and then all these fucking mouth breathing fucking morons. Who just trust people are sending in their fucking saliva to the fucking internet. It's so stupid. The article says, wants to register, reach three million. I, I was wrong. They'll be able to identify the people who haven't sent in their DNA currently there at the one million. Mark dude, you called it. Yeah. And it's like, what are they going to do with it? Like the fact that you're gonna sit there and you're going to depend on all of these fucking people to do the right thing. I mean, look, look, what's going like? Everybody knows what the fuck is going on in the world right now. But you can't really talk about it because they got the game, so sewed up at your view as like a sociopath or fucking un-american. If you even remotely criticize what the fuck and people who are making tons of money off of other people's misery are just going to have you. It's going to be game set the puck and match. And I'm not even gonna read that article because it's going to be so fucking depressing because people are just they're just going to keep doing it. Yeah, it's just going to be like. I think it all ties into. How people that are in control. If the doing wrong things, it makes you paranoid and you cannot have enough information on people. And then also there's no fucking way that these people when they go to those Bilderberg fucking meetings, there is no fucking way that they are not having hard core. You know, I need to go to the hotel bar after this fucking drink this meeting off talks about the population problem in climate change, there's no fucking way that they're not talking about that shit. How the fuck they're going to handle it and how they're going to survive in who else they're going to determine it's going to survive and that God is put us in power. We have to make these tough decisions. Which I like. I have a solution on how you could fuck and solve those problems. But you know. I don't know. So I think they're trying to get is much information so they don't, you know, I think once they get everybody micro-chipped. Then that's when they're going to start fucking thin in the hurt, and they need to do it quick. And this right here, this train of thought is why I don't watch the fucking news because that's everything that's going on and everything that they're showing. That's what I can't even watch the Weather Channel anymore. I'm just like, dude, this is like this is this is a fucking done dealer this over anyways, buying a car. Hey, let's get back to some truck and bread and circus you're buying a car. Dear Billy ballboy Abe Bill. I I just I just wanted to say, thank you for your show. You put on Springfield. It was fantastic and definitely would love to see come back sometime. I had a great time to thank you. I always listened to the podcast on my bus ride to school. Anyways. I'm a sophomore in high school and I just received my permanent good for you. Man. That's a big day. I have a job in saving up for a car. I was wondering what your first car ever was in. What kind of car would be good for a first timer like me in what should I look for when buying a car that would be beneficial. Thanks and go, fuck yourself. I had a nineteen Eighty-three. Ford ranger four cylinder, five speed overdrive. Black vinyl seats, fire engine red. The long bed. There was nothing to wheel drive. Nothing cool about it. But it only had one thousand nine thousand miles on when I bought it. So it was definitely reliable. I paid five grand Ford. I went out and got alone and with the job. So you know, I got alone. I established credit and that type of shit still remember my danvers savings Bank one Conan streak, danvers mass something something something and my payment was one hundred thirty eight dollars and sixty three cents..

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