Bernie Sanders, Senator discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


May your pizza senator Bernie Sanders are fighting for the top spot in the grand St Mike Bloomberg came out on top in the tiny town of Dixville notch prosecutors may use a livia J. G. a newly to pressure her parents into pleading guilty actress Lori Loughlin and her husband are facing years in prison for the college admissions scandal last month Laughlin and her husband fashion designer Mossimo Genouilly argued payments to get their daughter in the U. S. C. were legitimate donations not bribes and B. C. Sam Brock reporting the state Senate set to vote today on a resolution designating part of highway twenty four and falcon after four Carson soldier killed in action allow our community to permanently memorialize and celebrate the service and Altman sacrifice of sergeant major rainstorm el Paso county center pollen dean is one of the primary sponsors for the resolution in honor of star tour who died last year in Afghanistan the house passing that resolution last week the woman in evergreen cited and find after feeding deer inside her home he's been the and there is an apples and carrots wheat bread and rolled oats cereal pretty expensive menu there she end up paying I think several hundred dollars in fines she says she was worried about the deer making it through the winter but CPW Colorado parks wildlife say people cannot worry about that animals will be fine officials of finder hundreds of dollars once again Colorado State University celebrating its one hundred fiftieth birthday today does look a day over one twenty five events our schedule for both for Collins and Denver school officials gonna be joining members of the legislature this morning for a celebration of the capital special party is also being held on campus at the foundry dining center a little later this morning about W. W. E. it really is a family business for the rocks to Wayne Johnson's daughter now following in his footsteps Simone Johnson is pursuing a career in wrestling they are revealed in a press release that the eighteen year olds already training at the performance center in Orlando Florida she'll be W. W. E.'s first fourth generation superstar miles six nineteen here on Colorado's morning news can hear from some of the candidates in the race for the White House is they were stumping in New Hampshire we'll have that in a moment John Morsi right now on your Tuesday morning drivers of the break here you will get a new crash on the rail from was built by seventy six two hundred thirty six and that highlights another one of our problems this morning those ramps are going to be tough bridges ramps overpasses road service a little bit colder little bit slicker but even on your highway drive we've had problems this morning like southbound two to five in Alameda that's a crash in the left lane looks like they cleared that crash on northbound I. twenty five a two to five but you're going to find a lot of traffic out this morning and a pretty slow she slid drive specially get out of your neighbor but even some of the highways well we've got some fog to around the metro area that's adding to it I'm not a lot of people a bag in work today you know sometimes they do when it snows but this morning looks like we can all get through it so I'm seeing a lot more traffic on your drive downtown drives get busy I twenty five and I. seventy are you drive on the I. seventy has been pretty have we had a crash eastbound I. seventy all right near Havana that got cleared but you're still pretty slow on that I. seventy drive to seventy and I. seventy six boulder turnpike and that tech center Dr all need we need to slow down this morning this report sponsored by Riverdale regional park sticks live in twenty twenty Saturday September twelfth Riverdale regional park tickets on sale Friday at nine AM at Riverdale regional park dot com next update in ten minutes on KO eight eight fifty AM in ninety four one FM your favorite things feel made for you your education should too university of Maryland global campus formally university of Maryland University College was made to serve the military in working adults like you today we continue that tradition by offering free would start dates so you can get started with convenient online learning that fits your schedule by recognizing your accomplishments with credits you can earn for what you know by providing no.

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