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Similar for stream signal eso signal are for stream and i was about to say w yeah yeah yeah yes but it's the reverse israeli the the reverse direction we allow he's to put up a service listener from anywhere we expect to expose that service listener unto the clyde and the relay is literally the oldest feature of asher right we we made the first public preview of that available on may 31st two thousand and six while and i remember go thinking about you this is what we first talking about azure we were talking about the challenges of between data center between organization wcm messaging getting through nats and firewall yes and you know all of those restrictions i do is so hard to go point two point like you you had to have i t involved and in renegotiate sockets though fourgoal the sudden this relay the we'll both agree to talk to the cloud yeah a cloud will i there facilitate the transaction itself or facilitate the connection for the transaction at its so so this literary started as the incubation ended up team and we still have adopts ef very end of that that's very superpopular because no matter how many people are not liking it it still is in the enterprise landscape cheer in many developers pickup dumped ef because it does what it does it does that well yes and if you are staying on the on this straight path of say just make a service contract and we demand transactional integrity and wanted any control we want roll back that it's.

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