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We could have visitors 43 year it's been studied early extensively in so i tend to think today that the uh uh the question of whether or not it's doing what we claim it's doing probably fairly honestly i feel like a fairly resolved the issue it's uh it's been thirty on plant and animal to human bit so that he's all the way down to the micro and who we know we were pretty good idea of what it do it at that we still don't know exactly why uh but defector or or pretty easy to understand when you really should have wrapped you're hetero it it it it really lie it's a great way for you to describe it baking for the water a little bit better of the fish delivery system in the body and it it affects the your body's ability to uh to do a variety of different things like you said i'm an old i love your at up correlation there where it it really is like f you to your body you're making your body geopolitically just a little bit better so for example i take my vitamin i take my vitamin avoided that cut them in half because they know by bodies get better ringeard out of all by you know that it wanted a petty ways you could use the product all right when we come back from this breakdown on ask you since so many people today are learning about hear about how most americans are very acidic you know they take antacid pills and heart firm pills and there's of a big movement that's been going on about how to lower or how to raise ph so we're more alkaline i wanna talk about whether or not willard waters capable of helping people reach that level of alkalinity which is a healthier state when we come back stay tuned it dr michael savage here if you eat a small balanced meal every two hours feel free to stop listening right now if not no that protein gaps in your died contribute to muscle and bone loss as you age uman's lose up to fifteen percent of muscle per decade starting as early as 35 study suggests needing twice as much protein as you.

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