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I just laughed early. We're not opening. It can't be you know they might my my favorite great story on. This front is at Churchill downs. You got it yeah. I think it's a test we were. We were Churchill Rachel. Was this a breeders cup. We we were at Churchill I think and we had we had tornado warning and we have to evacuate the building. Everybody had to go down to the second floor that that that one was a classic and I kept trying to say you know can I can we do in a broadcast and they said no yeah the they said No. You have to leave the way at the V eight the we have to basically stop the show turn our attention to the the the reason we're all here and that's betting and yeah and handle wise and program wise there. There are the the new wrinkles every a year you know one thing of course that people well received the naira bets pick five being opened up to the to all eighty ws into all platforms which immediately saw the predictable fum influx flocks yeah but it served its purpose I it was being used as a marketing tool for Nyra pets for those for those two years basically for years or hesitant to put in a lake pick five pick four is such a popular bet here so the always concerned about cannibalization this internal conversations so we launched it as a kind of a unique aspect of naira bats it made sense as a marketing vehicle but feel like it played itself out at least I did and <hes> so we opened add up and now we've been talking about the pick six recently which gets a lot of feedback in what do we want to do and there's been a lot of talk on twitter. I monitor it and you know when you play in with the betting menu. It's delicate. It's a fun conversation. I've had countless one conversations with Serlin over dinner over stuff so what we have is. What is the public really want? Do they want one. The other are both one of the things about the pick six if you change it you if you're going to keep a different version of it because I've heard that like why would you get rid of the two dollar one for the Jackpot or why wouldn't you just offer both you'd actually have have to put one on a separate card but I was going through this last time. Is that the worst thing in the world. Keep the two dollar on a separate card bringing the Jackpot and something throughout the group today well where and where do we because the option is out there. But where are we start the meat. I mean we're we're. We don't have final approval for the Jackpot. Pick six something we've been working on the rules for a long time in New York every state's no force but the gaming commission yeah. We're we're. We're at the finish line so we would likely get this during the meat. Would we introduce it during the question <hes> that's something we're swirling <unk> be crazy to do that. We re. It's kind of the best place to test something like that because you've got ah there is a time stamp of the of the seven weeks yeah and you want and you'll you'll get action in it and you could actually potentially force it out more often. Make it fun but then there's the classic pick six. There's there's something to that. I mean there's a tradition to it and we're kind of like the last one exactly so does it does it harm anything to to leave that on the side and let people play as well. That's something I'm going to challenge group with now. That's tough for the marketing folks tough for the mutual folks get a little confusing. What do you call these things but I think it's something that I'm going to ask them to take a look at or I'm going to get some feedback from talking about on the show? Absolutely what I'm really looking for..

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