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And that group at a person somewhere down the line and just keep growing our numbers yeah the the power of come on and interest isn't worry you know jim entered progression is extraordinary if if you get actually if you even got three people any follows three people got three people intro those three people got three people you know with then you know six or eight iteration you have pretty much everybody in the country it it doesn't take enormous number people to me i thought i early have my ten oh that's great you know and i'm going to meeting with with you know mike tough old so to speak and i'm i'm hoping that the other members of the party will also participates as marvelous as well as good on you tell you thanks like for the call thanks for sure an inspirational story wins i appreciate it rich in greenwood indiana a rich what's on your mind based on thank you i wanted to bring attention to a couple resource that and then i rescued question about the kapler thirty reciting fire yeah professor turgeon amazing grace is a song that we all know more or less and there was a move the back in two thousand and six good you know my it's here it about the elbow listeners slavery in great britain william over force and williams pipp that was nineteen thirty a was not it is thirty eight okay that's my recollection i could be wrong but has been a long time it was in the net was nearly eighteen hundred so was it was after the american revolution and before the emergence of work this this the is a wonderful period piece that i think you know the big ap and understanding that i never had on the background that song as being it's all about the list and it was written by any slaves shift captain newton who's of her trade in the film by alec burks any pudo great characters and i'm i just urge everybody to check it out because amazing great seager wrestling me i would line but you know i see is talking about the and humanity of slavery as it it's not about personal.

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