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Over the United States and in Canada and down into you know Miss America so the fact that you know I I also think that animals earn more resilient than we know and that they find a way to providing a when they think they've totally left the place and then lot lines are solely loops of that even scientists call them called ghost cat so it doesn't surprise me that you thought then there are other than the fact that most people just don't ever get to see and they can be three feet away from you and and you're not seeing them because they're they just went in for a while miss limits gonna Lindsay in Virginia beach Virginia highlands a hello hi there George Hey Linda hi freak show thank you yes I would love to invite you both to dinner over here on the east coast sometimes what's for dinner well I I you know I know time is running out you're just gonna have to let me know what you like and then I'll figure something out but no road kill all right he'll animate you never you never know around here headlines yeah anyway I you know I love the title alluded to the book okay let me let me know where to get a prom and went and did an Amazon or what but before you let us know about that I just wanna let you know who that in a small town nestled in the Appalachian Mountains back in the mid sixties I encountered a creature what was it you can gas of the wind exciting I would I would guess a big for no I don't I don't want to call on that more like the white one like the yeti yeah honorable no no rules no man in in your neck of the woods actually are you know when you have a dream it soon forgotten and I was five maybe four and six the young age again yeah I'll never forget it an army of people that I have in front of you know they is just a dream but you how could you forget something that you know you saw fit it late I mean this was a visit once in awhile like a yeah I don't mind them but they're all the same movie they are it is the same premise and then I am yeah you don't get me started the guy started okay all right we know that the police really don't like us doing crime solving on our own but this lady in Kansas city Missouri her name is Danielle last Tuesday night she stopped at a come from a convenience store and she did the cardinal Senshi laughter S. U. V. running she's only inside briefly which is out what always happens and three women stole her S. U. V. and drove off SO three women jump in our S. U. V. and take off she filed a police report she did that also decided to take things in our own hands which is very not it's not advisable it's not advisable as put it that way instead of canceling the credit cards are inside the SUV she left him open so she could monitor how the thieves were using them I don't think that's very smart over the course of the next few days she monitored where the thieves were going eventually they use the cards at a gas station near her house so she rushed over there to ask the clerk some information Clark said that she heard the women talking about going to Applebee's so what does she do she went to Applebee's see what straight to the Applebee's sat down and waited eventually she saw that the drive up in our S. U. V. they walked in she's solar car back I guess for that extra set of keys please dollar car back call the cops and the worst part about it though this is the part I don't like she live stream all on Facebook but of course yeah that's the real of the Asian and I'm sorry but that so many things could have gone wrong and wrong in this situation fortunately they did not but they could have gone extremely bad for her cops wouldn't Applebee's in of course the women were arrested well I you know you assume okay there women how big of a threat could you never know armed I mean worst fights ever seen girls I'm telling you well especially if they have weapons well they don't need weapons I I was in junior high school and there was two girls got to fight the hallway at Anson Jones middle school and one of our teachers who was not very well liked he was kind of a jerk just side to go break it up let's just say that he got the worst of it scratches on the face characters they had a right word count no way yeah yeah it was down on his knees it I mean I I would never get in the middle of a girl fight I would never try to break one of which is dangerous is dangerous I never know what could happen I've seen them myself yes as they are and yeah but he he took one right to the you know where's and yeah I mean it was he was not very well liked it a lot of people found in of joy in seeing him hurt like that but as a man it made me hard what happened to those girls well they got in trouble okay is basically the fight broke up but you can't do it by yourself you need other people yeah girl fights are hard hard to break up I had sisters I know its all the time yeah again get calls later feisty area all right coming up at six o'clock hour Charlie Parker is in six forty eight inches those were the days party by brown Chevrolet you wanted more kids convenience stores you got it check out the new sheets at twenty one thrill for windmill park drive in sterling they're fully equipped to satisfy your every craving grab a bite on the go with hot.

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