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And then and now from the wnyc studios this is freaking out mix radio show that explores the hidden side of everything here's your host stephen governor four hour egg heads guide to the super bowl we'll start with our resident egghead steve levin hey governor levitt is my free economics friend and co author he's an economist at the university of chicago so levitt i've known you a long time and i know you've written a lot of papers on on different sports and elements of sport sumo wrestling in soccer and sports gambling for instance but honestly if someone were to ask me hey steve a sports fan i don't really know i don't think you actually enjoy watching just to watch you don't really enjoyed rooting for a team or anything plebeian like that do you with that part is i used to i grew up as a a huge sports fan and then uh before wrote papers on sports gambling i did a lot of sports gambling myself m and although sports gambling was really really fun the problem with it was that once you start betting on sports it became at least for me i think for most people hard to maintain any kind of loyalty to the home team's like the minnesota vikings of the twins that i grew up loving so much and and even though i no longer gamble on sports i've never been able to give back my mojo when it comes to really caring about a team just for the sake of caring about a team so considering that you don't love watching the game just for the sake of the game or the competition or your team whatever are there ways that you enjoy it any way or the things that you look for whether they're kinda brain puzzles are kind of bets against yourself the see you know if ex happens will i happen on why don't do anything actual as as all that but i do us the super bowl and there are at least two things about the super bowl which at least for me i'll give me a source of entertainment when i watched the game now the first of these of course is the ads in there's really nothing else in the world like super bowl ads and unwise love the too much it's partly because i.

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