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Wanting to ban words and banned freedom in advance speech and assembly band free market as you run around the smartphones living in the lap of luxury here being shut up to bring the country down it's a scientific plan then it's very very sophisticated it's thirty forty years advance that he what most people now that's why i get so frustrated when i hear people go look at this analytics company in england got names of millions of people have public gotta mining and the republicans used it prompt us it to contact people bannon use it oh my gosh it's so sophisticated ban conservatives and nationalist worldwide populace from access to public data mining there are thousands of prominent companies in the us tens of thousands worldwide and cambridge analytic god stays in the top of corporations maybe two hundred i mean i've looked it up it's hits hits the top couple of hundred it's a big one but compared to apple facebook twitter google the nsa the cia defense intelligence samsung amazon they're all in a giant rage for a i hooked into everything and then i believe there's going to be a huge corporate war that'll be economic to see what system takes over the planet and they believe when it finally hits total consciousness and connectivity it might take over in hour just a few days of stop trading in one company is able to buy it all up and nobody cares is the stock market's at one hundred thousand and then suddenly there's a i robot run factories rolling out where everybody can have twenty smartphones a month and you know living in an ice house whenever you want but you see the decision's been made to not let you have all that they can already within just a decade no one will have to work anymore but the decision was made and bill joy wrote about this the unabomber wrote about this he was involved the cia high levels of academia the leftist levels of planning this he kind of flipped out and went rogue.

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