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I'm really love this book in my sung attempts to read all poetry ever written a pick this up in foils in stratford in westfield hello if you the lovely booksellers there who said very nice things about battling hallo if you're listening but i said i would say on that you the best s. bookshop in london and you are the best book in london this week thank you very much this week interrogated so they had a copy surgeons took a picture up and actually john i totally agree with you what you were saying about it bringing the best of both performance poetry and and i don't know what is going to offend someone authentic poetry well i think we we thought it was a great row last year the same and to me that's exactly what this book manages to do both those things brilliantly yeah one of the key the glories of i think is beautiful on the page the line breaks six knowing how to layer permit on the page something i'm sure samuel you're in the middle of of of doing that right now i mean it's it's all of us are just just keep going to defend did you do performance poetry and traditional verse but everyday precisely put on the front jacket we've both also big fans of the perseverance by raymond entrepot side i think there is feel that there is a lot tim ex extraordinary poetry being written and a surge he's only smith there's almost no ordin like simplicity to it yes this but you know the as simple as the hottest thing to do in anything sunny and pudgy but some you know huge recommended i don't care if the writer gatcombe right i don't give a damn what the style is teachers and librarians forget the functional literature is to pull us like taffy to to raise our souls to make us live forever done six hundred story well or more or lex we just nobody knows i think that's the seven novels it's it's again there is a possibly you a new one of the novel's is really thinly-veiled is it not we're we're we're talking about ray bradbury the great i mean i think we can quote prepar he would he would i would agree and we all talking about illustrated man which is just one collection of the many collections of stories that the great right primary produced during his career and this was the suggestion of sam sam when did you first read the illustrated man dan all the stories in the illustrates man or the stories in the british edition of the straight man which are different from the stories in the american edition of illustration i mean even even the the thing about ray bradbury's even understanding what one book is a is a challenge because the contents are quite slippery they are that it was a very long question i remember i mean exactly as you say they aren't ray right brees swirling kind of ocean of bits and pieces of which each book is a kind of late awful at is i i have a really clear memory also eleven twelve it's my parents old house that was a playroom with wooden floor and bookshelves will run the wall which was where my parents had this huge collection of nineteen seventies hype about books into which delved and that was what i discovered all those books that nobody reads anymore like how robbins violent about unhelpful i'm sure you know people like robots and davis telling him john fowles essentially a kind of backlist utah kogo club and one of the things i found that she i think my dad direction meter was this amazing to volume correction launch double ladle for the bradberry which walls a again seventies paper published was kind of cool gale was lancs fontana or grafton john which we've got the illustrated managing we've got here you know one of those sort of semi forgotten paperback publishers the seventies and eighties and it was a two volume collected stories ray bradbourn remember it so clearly because there was a volume one was red and yellow and how big yellow numeral one and red background volume two was green green on yellow and nothing would read before at all so i come to talk about bradberry nor praise him with sort of austere literary critical hat on as straightforward fan long to buy him with each story he didn't have a sort of brad brie world bradberry universe which sort of self consistent mythos in which all these toys took place every story invented a world from scratch and they shared lots element they shed lots of themes but there were horror stories there were fantasy stories lots of stories about malls vase or dinosaurs it was basically we're kinda geeky teenager like me like comex stephen king suddenly this with the motherload not was it justified belong aunt jane you he said something when we were warming up about bribery which i thought was brilliant in terms of kind of relates to what sarah has sandwich just defining ray bradbury now i wonder they could lead us into that embroidering how you i read ray bradbury or when when the more well i'm not sure if this is what you were thinking of actually some's answer linked so where i remember reading and i and i think i was a lot older 'cause my first full time job was in a huge retail park bookshop in stockport taught which in south southeast manchester and appeal center and it was borders and it had a style then and it was the most exotic arctic thing ever stayed open to like ten pm and anyway i got out that exist just any move saturday and i worked my first full time job after working in restaurants and stuff as an eighteen year old was working in the inventory department in the back there and so we took the books the pilots and put stickers on them and put them on the shelves but everyone in that room when i was eighteen was a bit older than me and had very specialisms and i took to borrowing borrowing things from people but actually i really go into kind of plowing through the classics of sci-fi but in terms of i was really going headfirst i into hate she rose and i remember reading fahrenheit four five one and john wyndham and i still read a lot of sci-fi that's my favorite leisure time reading and that that while i was there i also used to look after the children's section and people would come in and say i also looked after the children's section isn't borders for a while and and i hope you never brought your children to my story i go back in time would come in in and say my child reads a law on they've read all the things from bay ridge they've read other things from your what can i send them to an i used to send people straight to ray bradbury and joan wind and h g wells 'cause they were these stories that had so much going on bull they have absolutely nothing x rated in them ever the very kind of puritanical narrowbody ideas and there's not actually that much complex psychology and they are often known clearly not constant always but they often either about children children or they are all they are seen through the eye of a child that's one of bradbury's recurring theme so i can see an for adolescents this is well so i can see that that's a really good he's terrific booksellers rushing relationship except newly really we would i would give you potted biography of ray bradbury but i'm not gonna do that we have several clips from an early sixties interview with bribery robbery conducted via very specific interview and nikki coot you play clip one so we could hear raise seavy your ray bradbury yes sir very waukegan illinois lucky you know how long ago thirty five years eighty five jack benny was born in waukegan about that time time to know jack no i don't i don't know him but my mother went to school with jack.

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