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When he relocated to los angeles he was coaxed into not just acting but they get into directing and we all know how that worked out so great career and you know just growing up with his movies in the background and he just seemed like a it's someone you don't know but you feel ten with passes you're like man. I never knew this but somehow they're touch my life and was always someone i wanted to meet. There's a book that i've had in my Amazon wishlist for a very long time and it was called. It was a biography by about restaurant. Called you're the director. You figured it. Out the life and films of richard donner. I've wanted it for a very long time and now probably be very hard to find an overpriced. So that's frustrating. And i will find it now and two thousand six during the whole time of returns win. Richard donor. To superman cut was released. Geoff johns and richard donner wrote a comic together. Called last son of krypton and we will actually recording a review of that soon and Look forward to that now. Seeing what he no touching back into the world of superman always simply his heart and he'll be missed. Look for those podcast. Like i said in just searched the cape. Wonder podcast just dropped one. That is a discussion with brian. O'halloran who played non and superman men to and he's looking back at rich so check that out and remember richard donner. If you want to help out this show in any other show on southgate media group and you really don't have the extra money to do so check this out. Good southgate ni group dotcom at the top. There's a link to amazon. Click that logging tier amazon shop and buy like normal and part of the money that you spend gums back to.

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