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Deserve your acknowledgement. What I'm encouraging people to do this year is do them not just for this twenty nineteen year but look at the entire twenty teens. Look at the entire decade. I've raised two children into preschool two teenage years. That's a huge accomplishment and it reminds me that putting out more content and making a specific amount of money was not my original intention yet. Those are great and I still wanted to work and I wanted to do all of that but to shame myself for not achieving a specific number of money whatever that is one hundred thousand dollars a million dollars. Whatever it is for you. That wasn't my primary goal for this last decade raising human beings to really great competent adults with an emotional and spiritual maturity and being able to go out there and work in the world with self confidence with great friendships with kindness and compassion. That has been my primary goal for eighteen years eighteen now. I have raised someone into adulthood and I have no doubt whatsoever that she is completely prepared for life no doubt that she has completely prepared to run a business manager finances be emotionally resilient have relationships be a kind person. I have no doubt none whatsoever. None what so ever and that that accomplishment that one that every day putting in the work every day doing the hard part every day clinching my stomach as I made them do things. They didn't want to do every single piece of criticism that I offered to make them do. Better try harder. Every single punishment every bit of carrying a toddler on my back holding them. Breastfeeding them all of that. That was my primary goal and I have definitely accomplished that and that I need to acknowledge that is something that I need to remember was the primary thing. The primary thing wasn't the books wasn't the coaching program wasn't it? Yes those were very important to me but all of that came after making sure that my kids were in a good place making sure that they got what they needed. All of those professional goals came after I mean I have been poor plenty of times in exchange for spending time with my children. I have passed over opportunities and not sought certain things. Yes my soul does desire. But you know what there's time after they're gone and the time to raise them is fleeting. They will leave home. Ainsley will leave home in six months. Oh My god I cry and I am not worried one single bit about whether she is ready. I worry. I worry that I'm not ready. So my friends. Join me on patriotic. I'll still be talking about that but I always will have a free podcast Until I stopped having a podcast And there will be plenty of opportunity to see videos. I have a youtube channel and I'm starting to post more on And of course I'm still on social media but good Lord I I can't even connect with the people I want to connect with and I miss you. I miss you a lot. Actually I miss you a huge amount and I wanted to continue to have a relationship with you and I want that relationship to cope deeper than a facebook post. I want the content that I release to go deeper then. Podcast there are things that are too important. Concisely put in an hour and I would like a fair energy exchange with you. I would very much like that. Your participation allows the work to continue and I do believe that the work is important. I do believe that the work that I have done and will do is important and that there are certain people. Let's call them true fans who have been fed and want to continue to be fed in a deeper way and to participate in a more interactive way to have access that much deeper much deeper than someone who's just stopping by. Hey stop by again. Have a happy Thanksgiving brands. Thank yourself for all the work you've put in. Go back to your dream. Boards go to your facebook page. Look at your bank account. What did you spend money on? Who did you spend time with? Well what awesome trip that you take go back to those? Don't wait for facebook to show you your memory. Go back in those photos and look at what you have done in the twenty nineteen. I'm proud of you. Thank you for clicking on this Lincoln listening and I cannot wait to talk to you again..

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