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Pixar movie. yes crazy. no it's it's it's coming for everything so it's like you don't need to be republican democrat independent. You just need to be a human who wants to live in a good society to say this cannot keep going. You can't. I love the way that. Like and i'm just going off now but the way that like chris. Pratt is in this amazon movie. Like there's this amazon movie. That chris and i'm not trying to pick this dude. I'm sure he's a fine guy. Even though people at twitter is like go fuck yourself. But he's in. he's making a movie for amazon. So this is one of the marvel superheroes the group that fights the evil villains. Lex luther who is now working for lex luther in reality right and we don't have the where with all the kind of see through that and be like that's fucked up. Don't work for this asshole. Everyone stopped working for this perk. I mean if we one would stop this motherfucker. Well that's the other thing that that show says is like when you're at the show repeatedly demonstrates that collective action works yes. Unions are important collective action that you know and you know look. They're going to tell you like they're going to laugh at you and tell you that shit is not possible until it is and it's literally just like that until you until you show them that you are going to ruin their system. They will not play ball and the stuff. That's going on right now. And it's mainly biden about basically how they're trying to the way that they are now kind of reframing like domestic terrorism and the way that they're giving like the capitol police now like these military cameras like the military equipment has come home and is being used on us that's fucking terrifying. And that's that's happening at the capitol now. The people who fucked up the cap who were like adding seven forty guys on duty like those. Those people put those officers in harm's way now are being rewarded with like. Here's really like all amazing. Military police abuse of power. It's about a billion dollars in training and supplies like wait. What hey hey wait and making it so that you can't protest shit like the stuff. They're now doing that there. Are you know they're just they. They recognize that they have a public that january. Six is not gonna be an anomaly. The i mean. I know new york times isn't always the greatest arbiter of everything but they made a like a thirty five minute To events bro. Got in every fucking door. Yeah they got like. They had a three d. model and like breach points. It was like twelve breach point. It was it was crowned. They should rename it. Breach points and they you know. They followed various people around from early morning till like three. Pm they can here. He is and here. He is and it was a few different people. And they had fucking there was paramilitary. People moving in unison. Communicating armed crazy. Feel like if i was a lawyer for someone who likes turn the capital. I'd be like really easy like m. i. clydes defense like you made it so easy. Like what i mean. He shouldn't have been holding the gavel. He shouldn't have taken. The chair grabbed the chair. People there yeah so it was really crazy all that stuff defended yes and and so like it's you know man look it's becoming a really really fucked system and i'm very alarmed by it and you know what is great about our show is that we don't need burlington no. It's not the first time we don't talk about current events till the end for the you know what i mean. You're sitting there going holy. Fuck oh shit. Oh shit and then it's eventually at the end. It's kind of like this You know but it all relates back to capitalism or amazon. At this point you know it's all just adds a little too easy. It's almost like we don't do it anymore very much because they're like it's fucked That the when you say amazon. The another recent one was two or three episodes back curtis turner which is about a race car driver and I got a few really good chuckles in there. Because it's funny to hear people who know absolutely nothing about cars. Try to describe specific terms or words that they find for. Or like. When i like. They're like most subjects. I don't know a lot about. But i'll be improvising in that.

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