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By the mob. It's twenty nine thousand nine hundred seven hundred thirty seven mob setups. Good Lord reflect on the potty on its purpose. And passion that arises when we debate the issue. The opportunity for the course of years to listen to people on all sides of the. Visited San Juan went on death row. Visit the families that were murdered. Why would you remember me? And said he's actually pretty good kid, but he killed his mom. On a foster brother spent time in San Quentin for crack cocaine deal. That's understand the racial disparities five year mandatory minimum sentences for crack cocaine versus five thousand Rams of power cocaine. That would require that same minimum. Mandatory gotta says over the course of many many years of the disparities in our criminal Justice system. I've heard from experts have laid claim to what I think is a fair assessment of our criminal Justice system that it's a lot better to be rich and guilty than poor and innocent. You see those disparities fest in the forms. We'll see those disparities manifested our politics every single day. Living environment where we're seeing them out of station of a lot of this politics. The politics of fear, the politics of anger, the politics of greens. Very familiar all of us here in California. I lived through the super predator generation. Guys, driving insane. Nice guy. He just happened to kill his mom. In a new direction. But all the while we have this forest on that stood out in California. That is we will lay claim to having the largest death row in the western hemisphere. Largest death row in the United States of America two times the size of the next largest state, Florida as because they kill them because we're populism were doesn't necessarily square with the values that are represented assaults behind me the hearts and minds of millions of Californians. I think we're better. I believe in Justice. I believe that crimes so heinous it people should spend the rest of their life in prison. I have deep empathy for victims of crimes, and I believe them here. Young girl. Good guys who killed their mothers and time in schools. But not the mother says, so what what you guys tell she wasn't speaking to me, but more broadly because she hasn't decided about the duck hunting. She says what you're saying to us as adults that it's not right to kill yet. That's exactly what you're doing. This was literally my first term as mayor is around tyre. We had last execution in California two thousand and six we have seven hundred thirty seven people on death row today. One hundred and twenty people have died either suicide or natural causes including someone last week. Just thirteen have been executed in US taxpayers. Five billion dollars. Five billion dollars says we reinstated the death reinstated. The death penalty in this state. What have we gotten for that? You have someone just last year that was released from death row. After serving twenty six years. Insane. You had someone in two thousand five after spending twenty six years Patrick. Was exonerated for the crime. He committed since nineteen seventy eight in this country a hundred and sixty four people have been exonerated from death row. Five now in California. What would we test to do? Some in California's to consider the following to consider executing more people than any state in modern American history to lineup human means every single day for execution for two plus years. To live people up to be executed. You haven't done it. Sponsor if you stayed on schedule a week. I cannot handle this. I really can't. That's a choice. We can make. And then the president this.

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