Wall Street Journal, Jeff, President Trump discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


Mornings at sixty nine seventy am the answer forty four minutes after the hour on the michael medved show the lying stinking fake news hideous left wing media wall street journal actually you trust the wall street journal i kinda do i think they do a good job they have a frontpage story today about problems between president trump and jeff sessions jeff sessions was one of the earliest supporters she is the attorney general of the united states headline sessions offered to quit amid strains with trump attorney general jeff sessions offered to resign from his post in recent weeks amid tensions with president donald trump stemming from the investigation into alleged russian meddling in the two thousand sixteen election point our caller made i think is exactly right president trump is incredibly i mean ridiculously sensitive about anything that calls his election victory in the question i watched the present speech all of it today he was in cincinnati at the ohio river and he was with the lieutenant governor of ohio and the governor of kentucky matt bevin uh the governor of ohio jon casey i was otherwise engaged but tom president trump was there is talking about infrastructure and talking about the need to build infrastructure for american this probably a very big winning issue for him i don't know how much government money is going to be pumped into this or where.

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