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Gain a seventeen yards on the catch four kayden jay stroke now sandra hands off on the far side hunter hoppner with some room on the far side across a 35 a near the forty though markham down across the forty at the forty want gain a seven yards therefore hoffner on the first downplay and cheyenne certain the move the ball a little bit here bye bye make it second down in three and are fake hand up the middle santa gonna throw to the far side completes it to the far side in j still once again on the catches swim across mid field in a west fargo territory down to the forty four of west fargo but another sixteen yorke here or catch that time four j strong annika pollution again for parker sanders to for two on this drival handoff on the nearsighted senate skull daddy and he's brought down for a loss trying to get around the corner could not do so jared frantic there once again that middle linebacker read it well the i get through a lot of garbage if you're a linebacker a lot of traffic in front of you and frank a great jello that region that balls go on and got called daddy around the ankles were a loss of lawn back to the forty six second and eleven now santer in the shock unto receiver set one on each side takes this gnat rules to his right looks down the field between a couple defenders looking for jas drummond incomplete woo a couple of players their various su'a and also can is a paid i a bracketed jay strum a pass over the top that time incompletion get third down in eleven now four west fog or cheyenne the first incompletion on this dry four parker sander the junior first year starter quarterback santer takes the snap aren't third down has some time steps up and there was an incomplete pass looking for gold daddy would have been well short of the first down off of his hand a little too far out in front of a frantic there on the coverage let me for gold daddy who came from the forest i of the formation across the middle picked up by the middle linebacker frantic and cheyenne going to go for it here on fourth and eleven from the west fog oh 45.

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