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Dollars to invest no i would not move your investment money at seventy five years old in the money markets i would not do that um i'm a few years behind only fifth getting ready be 57 but um i don't have any money invested that way because money markets gonna pay you one percent inflations run and three or four and so you're going backwards after inflation inflation adjusted on your investment show your investments have to earn over six percent just to cover taxes in inflation your longterm investments so you get tackled from behind if you run to slow is appointed so you got to take enough risk to get at least up over that personally virender shoes for i would do the mutual funds we talk about and i wouldn't be in single stocks i think single stocks or were given you the ulster tom and that's probably why you're not going any money on out overall overall west three years i've made really good money from these funds so i look to move the sunday thousands of mutual funds in the growth stocks long long track records that would not give meals not give me and he stressed gallimard come up and down but it's kind of way on cd money more that's what i when thanks colonies this is the dave ramsey yeah all right guys got some great news for your interest rates are still at.

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