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Welcome to ruin back is Dave radio podcast with fraud expert skip buyers. This is your guide to fighting fraud and chargebacks learn the best fraud prevention solutions and strategies how to enhance your fraud prevention team and held on prosecute criminals. Now, here's your host skip buyers. Hello everyone. Welcome to route a bad guys day radio. Hey, I'm Scott Meyers on I'll be your host today. Hey, welcome back, as you know. I took a few days off our in our for the holidays. And and I'm happy to be back. Boy, there's a lot of news report. And hopefully, everyone has been changing their passwords and looking after data security, and how to protect your identity against those hackers while a lot of different breaches and hacks going on it just doesn't seem to end. Does it you know, I was talking about that in that last podcast. I had about when I was recently hack, my identity stolen, and yes, really that did happen that is still ongoing. And and here's soon I'll have another podcast update you with that latest information. So that's ongoing. But if you're saying, you know, this this data breach anon- continues to occur. And I said it again a few podcasts ago, it almost seems like every single week for sure every month. You know, this new news that comes out about another data breach. And his just amazing to me. And I'm sure a lot of you would agree that this continues to happen. What are companies really doing to protect themselves from a data breach? And in turn protect you or their customers from bad guys, stealing our densities getting out of control. So something more has to be done. And we'll discuss more of that later were here in the United States. Certain legislation has been approved through the Senate actually require businesses to do a lot more and also cover agencies to do more to protect your identity. So we'll talk about that. Again, a little later another podcast has these things developed, but today pretty much breaking news just a day or two go brand new information reported by wired dot com. And some of this podcast is related to the recent wire dot com article titled astonishing seven hundred and seventy three million wreck. Kurds exposed a Munster breach kale say that again, I didn't hear that. But this amazing and astonishing seven hundred and seventy three million records exposed in a monster breach. In here goes the article, so we're dissect nece and dive in deep and see what really is all about this recent hack, and what this article is telling us so starts off. There are breaches. And there are mega breaches. And then there's equifax, but a newly revealed trove of leak data tops all of them for sheer volume, and that's seven hundred and seventy three million records evolving you unique Email addresses or over twenty one million unique passwords all recently posted to a hacking forum to data set was first reported by security researcher by the name of Troy hunt. And some of you may know who Troy is Troy maintains the I have been pawn website. Is a website, which is a way to search whether or not your Email or password has been compromised by breach from any point. So we've talked about it in a couple podcasts where I have been pawned dot com is a great website to enter your Email address to see is on the dark web in see this ever been part of the data. Great. So we talked about this before in a podcast. Great place start out to see if your information has been hacked before. So I highly recommend using this site. So the question is really the so called collection number one. So this is the collection of one is the largest Breese and hunts menagerie of research in its in this particular, one is not particularly close they say, so the hack itself if anything the above numbers belied, the real volume of the breach as they refer reflect hunt's effort to clean up the data to set an account of duplicates and to strip out usable bits of information. So in rawal form. This information comprises two point seven billion rows of Email addresses two point seven billion rows of Email addresses. That is incredible and passwords including over a billion unique combinations of Email addresses and passwords so the trove of information appear briefly on mega which is a cloud service. It persistent on what hunt referred to as a poplar hacking forum. So it sat in this folder called collection. One which contained over twelve thousand files that weighed in over eighty seven gigabytes of information, I mean, that is massive eighty seven gigabytes of information in while is difficult at this time to confirm exactly all that info came from it appears to be something of a breach of riches. It's the granddaddy of them all the mother load of bridges that to say that it claims to aggregate over two thousand leaked databases that contain password. Woes protective hashing information was cracked. So you know is a breach of breaches so to speak. So it looks like a completely random collection of sites purely used a maximize number of credentials unveiled with the hackers hunt tells wired magazine, so or wire dot com in there's no obvious patterns is just include a maximum exposure of information. So he says something sort of the to the fact that this sort of voltron breach has happened before. But never never to this scale. In fact, only is this largest breach to become public. It is second only to ya. Who's pair of incidents which affected one billion three billion users respectively in size? So fortunately, the stolen. Yahoo. Data has it surfaced quite yet. So there's a big question Mark on that. So okay. So the big question is who is affected. Who's affected by this latest data breach of seven hundred seventy three million different

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