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Fear or favor in context and perspective to be honest, brutally honest about every bit of it. We were endless hours to make sure that we deliver it to you is fact, it's a fact Shepard Smith on Fox News channel. Real news. Real honest opinion. Tech giant Foxconn, changes course, again, this after his chairman and President Trump talked yesterday, the company now says it will build flat screens and Wisconsin after all the Taiwan based company said last week it was backing away from plans to build LCD panels at the plant research shows, the majority of Americans and those are American adults use Facebook and YouTube a survey conducted by Pew Research Center, found seventy three percent of US adults use YouTube while sixty eight percent use Facebook around a third say to use Instagram and less use sites like Snapchat or Twitter. Facebook is used by about fifty one percent of those age thirteen seventeen. It's not as popular with teens is other platforms. Eighty five percent of teens use YouTube seventy two percent, use Instagram and sixty nine percent, use Snapchat amid ongoing backlash for Facebook's privacy scandals research suggests about forty three percent of US adults get their news from the site about four in ten have taken a break from the platform. For at least a week Christine Goodwin. Fox News Canadian woman's exceedingly. Good luck. Quickly turns exceedingly bad, the Thirty-three-year-old. Saint John's Newfoundland woman was ecstatic when she learned that her lottery ticket was worth fifty thousand dollars. So she rushed to the lottery office to claim her prize. But what she got was not cash, but a pair of handcuffs as cops wister off to jail because she bought their ticket with a stolen credit card. Now, she faces charges for the theft leaving the lottery commission with a problem what to do with the fifty grand Gary Baumgarten, Fox News and the rare whale's found dead in the waters of Florida's Everglades national park, the young adult male Brutus whale was thirty eight feet long weighed about thirty tons crops. He failed to show a clear cause of death. And this I'm.

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