National Guard, Kenosha, Governor Evers discussed on Dan O'Donnell


He did not like the match that set Kenosha on fire last night. But he provided the accelerant and he refused to send in firefighters toe put out the blaze. He refused to send in National Guard troops to stop the violence from starting to begin with. In the absence of law enforcement. In the absence of order, there is only chaos. In that chaos. There can only be violence, the only law Is that Of who is willing to be more violent. That is a direct result. Of the lack of National Guard presence on the street. And it wasn't it as though there weren't troops to spare. It wasn't as though the federal government wasn't offering its support. Governor Evers flatly refused. There was no excuse for what happened last night. I watched videos until about three in the morning. It was a literal battle. This wasn't a protest. This wasn't civil unrest for members of the local and national media listening to me right now, this was urban warfare, and it was a war that could have been prevented. With just an outside precaution by listening to the people of Kenosha and giving them the support that they so desperately needed. This governor refused in order to what? Send a message that He wasn't going to be part of President.

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