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That doesn't happen but I do enjoy myself the entire even on working. I'm busy. I love it and <hes> some days you're tired you might be tired physically but you're not tired of the meat or or the job. It's you know what I love to do. And <hes> you know I wish we raised here all year round and be great but <hes> so I soak it all in and <hes> and I take time to really catch up with people I I don't get to see other times of the year. That's my favorite part of the meat and <hes> you know it's just it's just really fun especially if you're winning. It's AH kind of I've noticed this. I don't know you all that well. We've done a few interviews together and stuff but I mean I have never seen. you smile more than you have this year. It seems like you're really enjoying your job this year. You're really having a good time. At is that true yeah I <hes> I guess I mean I feel like I smile i. I'm very focused person and I guess everyone wears a different face when they're focused <hes> for me. They'd have a little bit of a serious. Look on my face or something but I I love what I'm doing and generally happy person <hes>. I'm lucky so <hes> but you know you can't always judge my house facial l. especially how they feel and I'm been happy what I'm doing for a long time. I thought it was because you spend all the time with me and Andy at noma. Now that will put a smile on my yeah. I was GONNA say as you say I'd hang out in the backyard for you but <hes> with what they're definitely I can't. I'm not incognito at any point in life. Can I go incognito. <hes> all right. Let's get to it a race like Diana <hes> part of the fabric of here at Saratoga. You're you're a kid growing up. You're thinking about <hes> becoming a horse trainer. You ever think you're going to win four of these now now. Is it really amazing pinch myself that I've won one of them so <hes> but you know it's it's a race really point towards especially having a strong barn full of phillies mayors on the turf. It's just one of the most prestigious races to win <hes> for Turf Mare and <hes> I know my mentor Bobby Frankel loved this race. He's got a handful of races that were favorites. This is definitely one of and to have a lot of success in this race like him. <hes> you know it makes me feel good. You feel like you know time. Well spent working with him. You've won it four different Phillies Zagora back in twenty eleven your first win and then you've rattled off the last three the sita in one of the most thrilling horse races I've ever seen eight of them hit the wire together within a length and a half of each other <hes> two years ago with the incomparably the Eli last year with Sister Charlie and now I guess we start the conversation with sister Charlie four different grade ones last year four four different distances eclipse award for all.

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