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Dears time. 6 10 San Diego's Morning news. Your take on this is back when it was good. I mean, I want to know what love is Everything all right? Could we see recounts in key Midwestern states? That story is on the way. You just don't want people to get rich. I don't know. I'm not getting rich, but I don't have to like the stuff. But now that I don't have it right now with Kevin Dean, you know, I never noticed before, but that was a huge departure from this song to that, right? Yes, I with you. Oh, Donna. I like that much better good drive coming in from the South and are about 55 not running badly. It already had a 45 minute delay and found the poor to checkpoint, though, so that's getting a little bit longer as we Head into the morning commute. You have some ice and snow in our mountains. So requirements upfor palamar and giving up their rate of 79 having approached Mount Laguna as well. Good drive coming. If these county that 1/8 of 90 for not running badly at all from the helpful San Diego Honda divas traffic, Centerbridge has got a bit of a delay and south on 15 at Miramar way. That's where car went up the right shoulder of the freeway there. You're gonna find the right lane closed down for a bit while they work on. Getting that car retrieved up the gully there and back onto the freeway. This report sponsored by your helpful San Diego Honda dealers, Thie, said Diego Honda dealers want to help you get where you need to go with helpful traffic reports. And right now you can get great deals on award winning Honda's Stop by your hopeful San Diego Honda dealer today for visit SD Honda dealers dot com To learn more I'm Kevin Dean Coco's next real time Traffic update, Just 10 minutes away. Cold mornings with patchy frost will be the story for the next few days with the afternoon's getting slightly warmer through mid week, then it was windy Yesterday it was windy I know is cold. It was nice felt just like.

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