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Differences you know people feel like when when we do it there's an zero tolerance they know that that's that's when that expression comes in the play but when it happens and other neighborhoods it's like it's more of an informal social control right and he expand on that amedee because i it's it's it the idea is to harass it not to police it's literally to harass in that instance and i think you talk about garner was also a target because of his size physically and the fact that the guy was trying to make money for his family and he just didn't dress very well yeah i mean there's another factor so the whole theory of broken windows leafing upon which a lot of use of these ideas are predicated an which were like almost all uh american law enforcement uh innovation that started here in new york um broken window who's who's idea that you you you crackdown on major crime by by going after the in what they call the visible fans of disorder so you're looking at people who uh who are tricking out of a and open container were riding the wrong way a by a writing their bicycles from we've got a sidewalk or urinating in an alley or selling untaxed cigarettes in the theory is that if you aggressively uh pursue those kinds of offenses than people will uh a be afraid to bring a gun out uh outside because they're going to be afraid to be picked up for something stupid an end up with a felony charge that since then threw up the river for five years um and be just uh it allows the police to gather intelligence because you have basically probable cause to to stop people question people uh pat them down and find out who their known in known associates are because you're you're asking questions about who your hanging out with so it was this huge um uh law enforcement tool uh this new strategy and it was based on the idea of going after the minor person and eric garner just was he couldn't possibly been more perfectly representative in wh.

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