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The deadline extended until twenty twenty that is on top of a three year delay ran back in 2015 as things stand the deadline is at the end of this year the senate has rejected a bipartisan immigration bell and has now put the brakes on four immigration proposals to socalled bipartisan bill which many thought had the best chance of getting sixty votes has failed president trump issued a veto threat in twitter messages against it that might have weighed on some senate republicans figuring there was no point making a politically risky vote in favour of something that would not become law correspondent bob costantini wins news time nine thirty six sportscaster warner wolf whose trademark line was let's go to the videotape has filed an age discrimination lawsuit against donald thomas and three exact said wabc radio and its parent company cumulus media wolf who is eighty years old says he was illegally fired in 2016 and was replaced by sid rosenberg who was decades younger the suit also claims that wealth was not paid the sovereigns he was owed one person suffered minor injuries after being hit by falling glass outside but quinn hotel on west fifty seven street near sex according to a spokesman for the department buildings the glass foul after a glass panel shattered on his seventeen th floor balcony the piece that fell to the street was described as small wins news time nine thirty seven straight ahead absent oxford jomaa's costing a main dairy company a whopping five million dollars a suit was brought by drivers a dispute about overtime payments.

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