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Sundays up for we chat about strategies that can lower your taxes in retirement that Sundays at four Sundays at Foreign Wdbo. This hour was paid for by the host and does not reflect the opinion of Wdbo. This is Wdbj 73 FM and am 5 80. Orlando's news and talk, uh Hey, welcome back to laying down the law presented by the Orlando Long group Keep in mind. The answer is given on this show Do not constitute is legal advice. They do not create an attorney client relationship for legal advice. Call the Orlando Law Groups office at 407 512 43 94 that's 475124394 or visit them online at the Orlando long group dot com. That is the Orlando law group dot com. I'm Nick Reynolds. Jennifer Angler from the Orlando Law Group is with us. We're taking your questions 84458093 to 6. That's 844. 580932684458093 to 6. And what do you say we go back to the phone lines here? Sylvia is in Orlando. Sylvia. Welcome to laying down the law. What's your question for Jennifer? Was in foreclosure here. I got a modification. I paid on it for a year and a half. And now the bank is telling me that I owe escrow back from a year and a half ago. What can I do? That happens sometimes when you kind of sign an agreement, um and maybe don't have somebody look at it, Did you when you got your modification? Did they? I assume they had you sign something right? An attorney did it for me. I didn't do it on my own. Okay, well, then you definitely should call that attorney and say what? Because again, That's part of our job. It's not part of your job because you're not going to think about all that. Obviously, that's something that needs to be contemplated. And it probably was because normally when you get behind, you're always going to be behind an escrow. Um do you know is the escrow from property taxes or is it from your a property insurance? Do you know They don't really say that. Nothing really changed the property tax. The insurance stayed the same. They just say. They did an audit and And they found that I mean there because sometimes when you're in foreclosure, the property or than the bank or the mortgage company, whoever it is puts forced property insurance on the property, and that's There was not that. Is that something that you would look at for me? Yeah, I mean, I I sometimes it it could be the fall to a lot of times. It is just the bank's fault for not setting that fourth in the beginning, because when they when you do do your modification, they're supposed to tell you everything that you owe. And if they made a mistake at a minimum, I would push back and say, Look at your mistake. Because that's part of it. Usually it's sloppy work on the banks part especially if you had an attorney, because the attorney should have thought of that. And it should be somewhere documented. Yeah, I mean, it's definitely worth fighting at and pushing back 100%. Okay. Thank you. All right. You're welcome, Sylvia. We appreciate the phone call in the question. Of course, if you want to get in touch with the great people at the Orlando Law Group you can at 4075124394. That's 4075124394 or the Orlando law group dot com. That is the Orlando law group dot com. She is Jennifer Angler. I'm Nick Reynolds. Thanks for joining us here on Wdbo 173 FM and am 58 Orlando's news and talk If you have a question for Jennifer, like Sylvia You can, of course, get in touch at 84458093 to 6. That's 84458093268445809326. We'll get to more your questions and your calls more with Jennifer.

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