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And tell china learns as i think it will learn that it can't closed down on its economy like it is on its politics and still maintain the kind of growth that the people of china expect and that will be a crisis for the regime in may force the regime to decide it's got a double down again on the reform and opening up even at the risks it would pose to the political control that the party exercises but i would think even if it isn't the fundamental problem uh as you laid out in his just a lesser one of getting the chinese to play by the rules you may have to go a pretty long way in terms of threaten the chinese you get a change your behaviour because if there are no consequences to their exploiting the system why would they change what they do i think that's right and there were there's two ways to do it and if it is going to be successful if it is going to be successful it's got a not just be the united states it's got to be the united states working with uh working with europe working with countries in the region japan south korea india and all the rest because china really is dependent force economic prosperity on trade and investment with its neighbours with the united states in europe and that gives us leverage if we work together that gives us leverage that i think can cause hr a change in chinese behavior but if it's only the united states and we alienate all those countries now eyes and allow china to divide us from them we will not work we will end up isolating ourselves why rather reser i going i'm in that we we haven't done the necessarily necessary diplomatic spade work uh so that our leadership has followership and you can ban people together but let's talk but the other great power russia uh a moment ago you mentioned that two an equip mushroom degree usrussia relations are not doing terribly well how does the role of russia fit into sort of your vision of how.

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