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Next caitlyn jenner is live to lay out her plan to fix the sad state of affairs. She says governor gavin newsom has put california in and give her view of states imposing a ban on trans athle-. Welcome back caitlyn. Jenner's been in the spotlight for decades as an olympian and reality star and probably one of the most famous transgender women in the world and she joins us now to tell us why she wants to add california governor to harass somme. Welcome back to the view. caitlyn jenner. Well thank you very much. It's always a pleasure to be with all the ladies and especially you won't be we've been friends forever. Yes we have and that leads me to say that you know. I'm curious as to why you would want to jump into being governor of california when you guys are coming out of the the craziness that we've all been living in your guys done a fairly decent job but you're not happy with the job that he's done. Tell me what what you would do differently than he's done. Well first of all I'm running against the perc- of sacramento and particularly gavin newsom This recall is really been led by so many parents of young kids who have been kept out of school for the last year and to be honest with you right now. Honored even know if next fall. Open it up gavin. Newsom has been going up against And putting himself beside the teacher's union. I put it this way as far as his response gavin. Newsom wasn't for the people he was for the elites gavin. Newsom wasn't for the kids. He was for the teachers. Union gavin newsom wasn't for the workers who was firm self while he's shut us down. He lived up at the french laundry. It's like a different set of standards. I moved to this state in one thousand nine hundred seventy three. This is forty eight years ago when fuel was thirty nine cents a gallon. Today at the tax on fuel is over fifty cents a gallon. I've seen such tremendous changes. I've seen the downfall. I've seen eighteen. Thousand companies have left california. Great jobs great people have left. We lost a congressional seat whereas left people. Living in this state things needs to change and I feel like i'm willing to fight for this state. I think it is worth fighting for. And if we don't stand up we'll be nothing is gonna change. It's gonna stay the same. And so i'm standing up and honestly i'm excited about the future. I want to bring hope back to california gavin. Newsom has destroyed. Hope i want to bring it back. Caitlyn let me interrupt you because so we get a lot of questions and by the way. Welcome to the show. It's really nice to have you here. Senior this yeah. Yes as governor. Now as governor you'd be overseen forty million constituents and the fifth largest economy in the world in the world so there are plenty of the government positions out there for you to get your feet. You can run for mayor or you could run for school board. Maybe why is governor the most populous state in the country. A good place to start your political career. It seems like it's like jumping line a little bit. Say that first of all. I am an outsider. I get that we are in a state that is controlled by the gavin. Newsom 's of the world and things have to change and being an outsider. I think is a good thing I'm not the one as we would call the insider that has given us the highest tax rates in the nation we have the highest sales tax in the nation. At seven point two five percent we have the highest gas taxes. We have regulations on top of regulations. We have twenty two point one million regulations words of regulations on the book. It would take you almost three years to read all the regulations that we have. I did not do that. I am an outsider and that is a good thing and so i think that's what we need. I know it's a tough road As a republican to win in the bluest of blue states. But i'm not your average republican. I am what i call in the republican. What's that. I have a question caitlyn. You're saying you're you're an outsider. And i understand that but you're also someone that doesn't have any political experience and i think that is the criticism you're getting because but you've said that you'll make up for your lack of political experience by surrounding yourself with really great people that direct quote but it's been reported that your campaign has so far been assisted by brad. Pascal the former president trump's controversial ex campaign manager as well as caroline wren a gop fundraiser. Who according to propublica helped organize the rally that led to the attack on the capital as people that you're surrounding yourself with to advise you. So what exactly do you mean by surrounding yourself with really great people when i decided to do this being on an a as an outsider. I wanted to put the best group of people as you would call insiders for a political campaign I was able to hire some of the best people out there to join the campaign And it's more than just brad or caroline There is a whole host of people that have worked with me over the last few months. And honestly i think i've gotten very very good advice They know this arena. They know what's going on. And so i don't make any issues for anybody but I feel like. I have a good team around. The that can lead me to victory so Yeah i'm actually very excited at the place on mount right. Now we'll kaitlyn. You've been very critical of gavin newsom performances governor particularly his handling of the pandemic. nearly a third of california's restaurants have permanently closed since he imposed to statewide. Lockdowns and california's still has not fully reopen. Which is insane despite having one of the lowest coburn infection rates in the country I talked to a friend of bed. Is who is a restaurant owner in california. Who's just despondent and disgusted. I have friends who have left california. This year. i used to live in california. I would move back to california for anything. God's green earth right now. How do you intend to help. Resuscitate the hundreds of thousands of lives and dreams that have been crushed by governor newsome's inconsistent policies. That is your absolute right. Inconsistent policies is probably the most important you said restaurants thirty three percent have closed close permanently. The other ones It's very difficult. One of my favorite restaurants right down the street I go to a lot has been closed at finally. They're just reopening now but they've been closed. Those people are out of work. It's a shame it shouldn't happen that way. You know other governors have done it different ways. I mean a good example. Florida disneyworld opened up almost a year. Ago okay california anaheim disneyland. Just opened up last month with limited. You know occupancy gavin newsom as done just an absolute terrible job During this recall. I don't know if you know how recall works In the state of california they're gonna send out twenty two a little over twenty two million mail in ballots There's two questions on the ballot. The first one is. Do you want to recall..

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