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Sportscenter. Hello there. Mark Robins day one of the NFL wild card weekend is complete and half of the Texas teams moving on Dallas defeats the twenty four twenty two behind Zeke. Elliott's hundred thirty seven yards rushing and a touchdown Dallas advancing to the NFC divisional playoffs. The Houston Texans are not moving on in the AFC. Ships over. These drives. Joe Torre on ESPN television with the calls. The colts would go up twenty one zip hold on to beat Houston. Twenty one to seven Texans. Head coach Bill O'Brien disappointed with the pace of his offense. And we could have done faster. But I was trying to move hop around. They were hop, and I'm trying to move them around and move them into different different spots. Was the X receiver. But it was a little bit easier to double inside, I moved them around. And we probably could have gone a little faster. Indianapolis will now go on and play next week at Kansas City in the NBA Saturday night Toronto over Milwaukee one twenty three one sixteen despite to Tacoma with forty three points in eighteen boards. Golden State gets forty two from Steph curry in a four point victory over Sacramento, Utah beats Detroit by five and Portland next Houston by the panel of one ten one zero one college bowl number one Duke wins. But I was state rips number five Kansas in Nevada looses, Mexico, Alabama, Clemson, college football playoff national.

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