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Please understand these are fake a number facebook and instagram accounts men parading is facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and see oh sheryl sandberg tricking people into sending large amounts of money in order collect bogus lottery winnings zuckerberg doesn't run lotteries how do people fall for this please please please please you know educate your elderly in those that are in positions it could be vulnerable to this kind of thing don't let anyone ever do this good report roy in gadget talking about someday every piece of a person will be replaceable we've heard recently about a penile replacement that happened to us military member i fourteen hour marathon transplant that happened it was a net just it was a full male genital transplant surgery wouldn't need love to get the full details on that but you know they're doing all kinds of cool stuff growing loans and and at tokyo guys when we started this show that it will just be a matter of time before we're going to just have to order up a kidney it's it's happening it's it's science is amazing we'll see what happens here over the next again other ten years but it's it's going to happen i'm telling you it's going to happen youtube course just turned into a teenagers we talked about in the last show but youtube has a plan to clean up the mess that made it rich and they are trying to you know really bring back some of these issues are you know to recover from some these stupid things people do in launching you know videos are causing all kinds of uproars whether it be pd pie whether it be youtube personalities making off jokes about nazis whether it be grotesque videos whether it you just name it it just goes on and on and on and on you know we got that shock humor or that paul logan you know videotaped it dead body and japan is horrible horrible stuff and so they're trying to clean that up and.

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