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Far from highway one at one nobody was hurt in the explosion and fire, the fire sending thick black smoke into the air about forty five firefighters took about an hour to put it out the fire that is, which destroyed the tank trailer and damaged a few other trucks and businesses in the immediate area where you vacuum it'd and workers at a nearby animal. Shelter were fittingly told to shelter themselves in place. Well, some parts of the bay area are more segregated now than they were in nineteen seventy s KCBS is Meghan goals? Be reports that is the takeaway of new interactive mapping tool created by UC Berkeley. Researchers on the map, you can use a slide tool to investigate the degree of sacred Gatien in different areas across time. And when you do says Stephen Menendez and director of research at the Haas institute for a fair and inclu-. Society at UC Berkeley. You'll find that. Seven of the nine bay area counties are more segregated today than they were in nineteen seventy and nineteen eighty two that art Alameda in San Francisco. The worst spot they found for segregation or the cities in northern Santa Clara county. So why is this happening difficult question to answer part of the reason for the changes in the levels of segregation overall is because the population of change in the bay area? But population change in demographic changes, especially since nineteen seventy five is not going to necessarily make a more integrated area. So Oakland is a great example. One of the most diverse cities in the country, it's still has high levels of segregation as people move into neighborhoods where they look like their neighbors. The big problem here says Mindy pick. Whatever issue you're care about unlikely we will solve any one of those problems in an extremely segregated society because racial segregation is and has always been the root cause of racial inequality Nagin, gold speech. KCBS contra Costa's about to become one of the few California counties. Trying restorative Justice for young people suspected of crimes KCBS, as Patty rising explains how it will work restorative Justice aims to. Right. A wrong focusing, not on questions of rules and punishment. Who was harm. What are the needs in whose obligation to make it right? Ashley, Georgia's associate director of impact Justice restorative Justice project, which will train community members and members of the district attorney's office to implement the program. She says it's focused on relationships how to build them sustain them. And Mendham when there's harm to bring harm also known as a victim. Together for. With the port and with community members to discuss what happened. Talk about the impact together. They make a plan to make things right. And when the youth completes the plan, no criminal charges are filed similar program in Alameda County found a forty four percent reduction in youth, who re-offended Patty rising KCBS, more and more younger people across the country are developing colon cancer with the most rapid rise happening in western states. A study from the American Cancer Society finds a steady increase each year in the number of people under fifty with the disease, gastrointestinal research chief, doctor, Anton, Bill check with John Wayne Cancer Institute, and Santa Monica says that he has seen more younger patients recently with colon cancer. Many, many patients don't smoke, not overweight. They excise and they're showing up propellant cancer, Bill says there could be some kind of factor here in the west that doctors and researchers don't know about the American Cancer Society lowered the age recently to start colon cancer. Screenings from fifty to forty five as onto the MoneyWatch KCBS with Gregg Jarrett, keys are big business, not, because your mom told you to your common reply.

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