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The pupil does there i whatever meaning you when you're ready for help you'll see you're going to get it because everybody's there waiting to do it so i don't doubt for a second brazil does does things different than every other team and so he still working his way through that i mean there it's not like they're they're fighting with each other i see them talking all the time they were in colorado at a table for an hour with their laptops open trying to work through this thing but it's the language that is isn't easy and the execution isn't always easy lack of mound visits maybe who knows they don't wanna use those up all that is in play but at least the cubs are good enough to maybe overcome this stuff i guess let's talk also about the offense because three runs or less eight consecutive games you know it's funny when they were they they're hitting this chili davis approach love it no launch angle veloce blah blah blah then when they struggle there's chili davis john maley back these are professional hitters in the end it's not chilly davison the box it's these guys and they gotta get golan and this is why i was a little bit hesitant about their more bias thing longterm they don't take walks the cubs are down near the bottom in walks that's never been the case now they played the least amount of game so they'll catch up a little bit but think about it more unbiased at the top getting extra back they don't take walks the middle guys do rizzo and brian and and i do at times the bottom doesn't take a lot of walks at least not right now and this is my one idea just tweeted i had an idea for joe this is why you know he's either the fourth pick in the draft and can hit like babe ruth or he can't play kyle schwarzer okay we can argue well more and all that happened play kyle schwartz i don't care.

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