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My stop to always know where your bus is in real time bus dot com if your holiday season with club at the Santa Fe botanical gardens featuring thousands of lights and lasers eliminating the guard in visual artist activities for kids and local live music weekends and select weekdays from November twenty ninth to December thirty first for more information and tickets Santa Fe RG flies fly boxes fly rods fly lines fly reels yeti coolers tackled waiters foods outerwear underwear warm weather clothing cold weather clothing gloves socks nippers threaded fly tying materials and tools sunglasses back packs hip packs just tax best waiters kit bags consignment items always friendly expert advice in yes my favorite of all gift cards we'll have language on our list so I sure hope this helps Hey this is Jerry happy holidays from either dangling for sixty three of road check out the website recall ninety eight Danny mass run is conducted by middle and high school students of Santa Fe prep students efforts have amassed an endowment of over three hundred thousand dollars at the Santa Fe community foundation a student committee makes all decisions for use of proceeds and planning the run we are currently supporting to Santa Fe families of children with cancer if you would like to support this year's fortieth annual run on Friday April third twenty twenty or if you know a child with cancer in the Santa Fe area in me please email DMR SF dot org hello this is your sanity counters are Patrick and this is your sanity county chief deputy treasurer Jennifer Jim months an artist and we're here to inform you about this year's property tax outreach program this is where we take our office into the community to make it more convenient for you the taxpayer will be at the following locations I've been on the senior center many Chavis hockey satellite office to release community center because I'm a senior center nursing a community center turquoise trail Edgewood senior center in Eldorado senior center please call one eight six six two four five four conditions please visit our website at W. W. W. dot Santa Fe county NM doc of forward slash treasure party location our our reach hours are from ten thirty AM to one PM daily one hundred catches she office will be extended to six PM thank you and have a nice day.

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