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On the boat and he is okay. It looks like former New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez and his fiance, superstar Jennifer Lopez, are still in the running to buy the Mets. A report says Their offer was in the ballpark of $2 billion similar to the offer made by a hedge fund manager Steve Cone. The team now goes into round two of bidding. Actress Kelly Preston has died from breast cancer at the age of 57. Mike Bauer reports. Didn't start in movies like Mischief What a girl wants and Jerry Maguire cry in movies. I don't gush over babies. I don't start celebrating Christmas five months early, and I don't tell a man who just screwed up both our lives. Oh, poor baby. Preston's husband, John Travolta took to Instagram to mourn her death, saying she fought a courageous fight with the love and support of many. Travolta also expressed his thanks to the doctors and nurses at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center and all the medical facilities that have helped Preston during her battle with cancer. Kelly Preston was 57 years old. That's it. Tainment. Lisa G. NBC News Radio I Heart radio goes one on one with Jon Bon Jovi to discuss his relationship with fans well I like to think that we made and shared a lot of memories, people on mark points in their lives and because we grew up in public Very young when I got a record deal. All the in the armor were there to be seen and shared. But people were on that same journey that that I was on and grew up with us and around us and Now the next generation are, but ultimately the messages were ones of optimism. We always believed that the couple's half full not happen. Keep listening to I Heart radio form or Bon Jovi and all your favorite artists. I. Heart radio goes one on one with Tim McGraw to discuss song writing and song selection. You know for me, it's about the soul. You know, the song has to hold up and my soul Holds up it holds up. It doesn't it doesn't Sometimes I'll know because of the singer because they're a friend of mine, and I get it through them. But most the time I really don't look into the songwriters are because I don't want to be influenced by that too much, So I just want to listen to the music and see what strikes me and there's sort of a visceral reaction. Which is what you have to have to start with something that doesn't sound like you know, said that enough already or set in a different way. So it's just always interesting immediacy. House source. Story goes. Keep listening to I Heart radio for more Tim McGraw and all your favorite artists News, Traffic and Weather News Radio 700 W. Ell delegate Cincinnati After helping in a roundtable on education and safely reopening schools in the fall, VP Mike Pence did not stray from his position that students need to return to the classroom. This is the 11 30 report Arm up, Carpenter Breaking Now the clock is ticking. Mindy Grimes Fescue is one of dozens of educators and.

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