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The shutdowns happening hi soul will P. Jeannie shut off power around five o'clock last night in parts of Nevada you but in Butte county's that's a swath of territory that runs roughly from Chico over to Tahoe about twenty seven thousand five hundred customers are affected in parts of Butte county were hit by. last year's campfire the worst in state history I spoke with Patty savage who lost her home in the town of paradise to that fire she now lives in Chico and says she's trying to prepare herself thank god electric lanterns that we can see and I cook on gas though I still have you know a way to cook food inside the house and if it you know after gets really bad then we can also leave now seven still have power when we spoke last night she wonders of a shot off like this one might have prevented the fire that cost her her home and eighty six people their lives but she and others worry about the impact that this could have on people whose health depends on medical devices and the elderly P. Jeannie tells me they have tried to contact by phone or email all customers with medical needs and sent out staff to make person to person contact if necessary but thousands of people fall into that category residents of the counties of cinema and napa now among others are wondering if they might be next to C. P. Jeannie shut down the lines Saul thanks lily that's the California reports lily tamale and here in southern California as red flag warnings continue because of strong winds socal Edison might implement power shutdowns this week from Sam bird and Dino to Santa Barbara this week the U. N. is meeting in New York and one big issue it's tackling its climate change California governor Gavin Newsom delivered remarks yesterday before the U. N. touting the state's job growth and investment in renewable energy five to one the number of clean energy jobs in the state of California versus fossil fuel jobs which makes them the paradigm of this notion of alternative energy flipped on its head alternative energy in the state of California is fossil fuel energy knew someone on to say anyone who's doubting climate change you should visit California a state grappling to adapt to catastrophic wildfires floods and sea level rise let's move to another kind of threat. a new study from the southern California news group shows that roughly one in five California high school students contemplated suicide between two thousand and thirteen and two thousand and seventeen Frank Worrell is a professor at UC Berkeley's graduate school of education and an expert in at risk youth or else says school districts need to start thinking more preventive fully about suicidal thoughts. we we really. to recognize the importance of having strong social emotional components to schooling but it's no longer sufficient to teach reading writing and arithmetic coping skills and the necessity of asking for help when you need it and those kinds of things they need to become standard parts of the school curriculum as well or else says he's not surprised by California's numbers and that they're right in line with the rest of the nation suicide is the leading cause of death among middle and high schoolers let's move to tech now Twitter says it's a dumping new rules to try to stop financial scammers from using its platform KQED Sonya Hudson under the new rules Twitter now prohibits users from creating accounts posting tweets or sending messages to involve someone in a financial scam examples include using a fake account to solicit money posing as a bank to acquire someone's financial information and offering fraudulent discounts violating the new policy can lead to blacklisting certain you are elves deleting tweets or permanently suspending an account however Twitter said in the statement announcing the change that the company is not going to get involved with financial disagreements between users like disputed refunds or complaints about.

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