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The government is shutdown. President Trump backing away from taking responsibility ABC senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce lane game is already on last week Trump proudly declared he would own a shutdown. I will take the mantle I will be the one to shut it down. I'm not gonna blame you for. But now, it's really up to the Democrats totally up to the democrat says to whether or not we have a shutdown, but shutting down the government isn't likely to bring the president any. Closer to getting what he's demanding. The president is calling on Democrats to work toward a bipartisan solution for border security boulder. Police are searching for a carjacking suspect and asking residents in one neighborhood to take precaution. Police say an undercover officer witnessed the carjacking about eight o'clock tonight, you're twenty eight Glenwood drive the suspect ram the officer's car when he tried to intervene. There was a chase. The suspect crashed the stolen car carjack. Another vehicle crash that one the twenty five hundred block of bluff street police sent out a reverse nine one one call asking residents in that area to shelter in place boulder. Police spokesperson, Shannon, Oliva fares are currently searching the area with the assistance of a drone and canine. We're looking for a suspect described as a dark skinned male with a medium, build approximately five seven two five eight wearing a chance puffy jacket and its armed with a handgun Alabama says no one was injured in either carjacking Denver police are warning women about a man who they believe has a salted at least. Four women in Denver's Lodo neighborhood. Here's the suspects ammo. He looks for women who are alone in appear to be waiting for or trying to arrange a ride. He then offers them a ride and later sexually assaults them. Police say if you use ride shares make sure the driver's picture of the service. Placards are visibly displayed sit in the back seat. It's safer there. And never asked the driver. The walk you to your door. Jerry, bell, KOA NewsRadio. You can see the suspects composite sketch on our website at KOA, NewsRadio dot com. The fiance of Kelsey Barath is under arrest for murder wasn't part. Police say Patrick crazy was booked on first degree, murder and solicitation for first degree murder after his arrest this morning in teller county. Authorities say they believe Barath is deceased they hope to find the location of her body soon. The Rockies have a new first baseman signing free agent. Daniel Murphy to a two year twenty four million dollar deal. Murphy expected to play first base in Desmond expected to move to the outfield next season. See you men's basketball taking on in the. China state tomorrow. That's in Hawaii. We've got pre-game right here at twelve thirty tip off comes your.

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