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I stopped at walmart on the way to the game and got like a scorebook for baseball. And i taught myself i learned on the fly. I made notes on one interview questions to ask. I went back to the newsroom. In i wrote a story completely cold Off of that. High school game. And i just i loved it i was. I was hooked. That internship was life changing For six months and then this was in two thousand nine. I was a junior in college of philadelphia. Phillies were good series. Eight and then in owed nine They couldn't put me on with full-time gig at this job. So as a reward for for being an intern they let me go cover a phillies game for the first time was affiliate versus the cardinals and i was in the press box. I was in the locker room. I wrote like three or four stories off of one baseball game. Because i was so excited and it was just kind of it was tantalizingly great. It was just a teaser And then not to talk too much about myself. I got a job out of college. Working for the pennsylvania democratic house campaign committee the long way of saying that i was like the assistant. Speech writer and researcher for pennsylvania state house candidates running for office in two thousand ten Democrats got their butts. Be every hour. And i thought that would get me a job. It didn't So i was unemployed and my parents and it sounds made up. My parents house burnt down the house. I grew up in in october. Thousand eight so. I was unemployed. Living in a hotel with my parents. Sorry twenty ten living with my parents. And so i decided to apply for every single job. That was available to get the heck out of my parent's house sheriff. I got hired at the new britain herald as a high school sports writer for twenty five thousand dollars a year. I got a little one bedroom apartment That was a thousand dollars. A month barely was able to make enough money to pay stern. But i needed to get the heck out of dodge and You know. I just kind of worked my way up in and made a little bit of living there and It was a really good home base in twenty twelve because my research. That's the year. That i went to see bruce at td bank at the center in albany at the prudential center in newark at gillette stadium at the excel centre in twice at citizens bank park came back to philly and i realized that being in connecticut i get boston. You're get to new york. So that's like a great place to be for springsteen and then luckily i was able to thousand fourteen to come back to philly and get a job doing what i was doing for affiliate publication. I was able to get back close to my parents and my sister and everybody in so. That's that's where. I am now. So i wanna go just a little bit and i know we talked about. You said that you you. You're used to doing sports Podcast and you're excited about. But i can't let you be here without talking just a little bit just fascinated you know march everything shuts down your sports writer and all of a sudden sports is dead. Like what what. Were your thoughts about that in in in however your paper doing like when all of the nba shuts down all sudden. It's domino's talk a little bit about that. Now was a free day. I'm going to get the date wrong. It was march. I wanna say twelve thirteen fourteen f..

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