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Blowing. Join me on. Wednesday september eighth as we launch. Our new season of narrative is now on three times a week tuesdays wednesdays and fridays four. Pm pacific seven pm eastern time. You can catch us live on twitter. Youtube and lincoln or undermanned is an audio or video. Podcast revenue gets your podcasts Hello and welcome to the daily beans for monday. September six twenty twenty one today. The supreme court takes us back fifty years without lifting a finger eleven house republicans sent a threatening letter to thirteen telecom companies including one. That doesn't work there anymore. After the select committee on the insurrection asks for the preservation of evidence the republican led arizona. Senate is trying to hide three thousand emails and documents related to the fraud at an oklahoma. Abortion clinic is already seeing a surge of texas patients. Planned parenthood won a temporary restraining order against texas right to life blocking them from suing providers under sp eight calamari junior and makoni testify before the grand jury in manhattan were of answers investigating the trump organization. The former da in the ahmad arbor case has been indicted and richard. Spencer is broke and alone. I'm your host alisonville. Hey.

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