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Fuses humor place silliness lightness into his life even as superstock man and he believes this day he's like it saved my life from depression anxiety and they're showing all of these cases of people who are healing themselves from play like the doctors are you know literally time people like just go outside and be with your kid go farther out and i mean you've obviously had in the place date you know the field like us don't even know what happens you're like oh my god where was i was laughing so hard even know and i think that's when our body is just allowed to heal itself and all the dopamine and endorphins and it's just i'm just such a huge proponent of play no phillies links just go be weird dollar this right like you go play cody check out but it's cool that they'll thing i realized it wasn't all the things i was spending thousands of dollars on i spent so much therapist and i went to acupuncture everyday and cryotherapy it i was like trying everything under the sun i spent like ten grand trying to figure out what's wrong with me and that read this book and i was like oh my god oh my tom i spent the last few months just not even working as much because i just needed it it was so intense for so long built the business i just i was a doer it's how i made a lot of money that's how i got i felt myself worth that's how all of these things with don't even really matter at the end of the day that's how i got it and so whether that's from childhood my dad who knows but it's weird now to be in a state where i'm like well could i have an impact and have a great income just by being in my feminine eighty percent of the time and just being me and just being instead of doing and that's what i'm discovering right now that's like my next challenge is that play in that being and i would get validation from my dad if i was a doer hey i did this today and i pushed and i knocked on doors they made phone calls and i think he would always praise me for that like being that that masculine you know and energy super successful because she does stuff and now i'm like man.

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