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That's why I think one of my favorites superman story ARCS is the injustice comex. Where where the joker tricks superman into doing something that he regrets in a big way in totally agencies worldview in non not. So now you have this guy that is just He's he's he thinks what he's doing as well intention. But really what he becomes is is a dictator in oppressive dictator and nobody can beat him and so he's much more input. He's bats more interesting is very interesting like that because now you have all these human superheroes, Neva pupil with fantastical abilities that can't beat them, and then you have, and then you have him superman who was convicted that he's doing the right thing but really is just a an oppressive Hitler, a dictator. Right. The violence from the face of the Earth so. There's a lot of gray area in that and had to do that. Yes. That's why that's my favorite superman or you know but he I, agree, I. Agree. Batman is also one of my favorites as well. Just because he's a human, you know exactly his brain is is is his superpower. Yeah well, I, imagine to your ability to give a character edges to illustrate how Eric's deal in this case, for example, is a good guy but you don't just say that you illustrate that I imagine this is what makes you a great campaigner as well because you understand the power of story I see you. We've your military and combat experience into everyday situations that will relate to people in that make you. I wouldn't say. More likable necessarily but more relatable and human that people can actually connect with on a on a relatable level as opposed to somebody WHO's trying to present themselves as perfect or having everything figured out of. It exactly I mean yeah we'll stories I mean look stories are everything. You know we all have a there's a phrase out everybody has. At least one book in them and their own life stories. Stories are house human being beings make meaning of their own life experiences. If you don't have me look Republicans are guilty of this all the time they get up there at the podium and they say, you know you use Martin. These Martin Luther King is an example somebody who like an. Civil Rights leader. He said I had a dream right and he was able to get five hundred thousand people on the Washington mall before emails are phones really before cell phones because people also had a dream and they believed what he believed and Simon Senate talks lock about a lot about this you know but Republicans they get like nobody's inspired by I have a ten point plan right But Martin Luther King was he he cultivated that ability to dream through creating story right a a narrative a story around what he believed knows beliefs became his dream right in Republicans. They tend to be like very logical and it has to rational there has to be a reason for this dollars and sense and all this other stuff, and by the way is very, very important. It's critical. But Nobody's inspired by up on a powerpoint they this is my ten point plan. So story is everything right contextualising things for people in a way that they make mean in of their own life experience is really really important and so. You can't extricate yourself from your own story and so for me, it's just about you have to be able to tell her story and articulated people. So people when I speak people people here my story, they might not have the same experience that I do but they say, oh my gosh, I felt like this at this moment in my life and I get where he's coming from there. So we all we all have our own store. So you have to be able to Taraf. What you do in a story it's stories are everything and. That, that's part of the reason why I love writing fiction so much it's I. Love creating a world. I. Love Creating characters who all have their own history and their own psychology and their own motivations. It's just it's just so fun. It's so so fun. While you're good at it man you're really good at it. I'm excited for not only not only your books but then what you what you've got in the works with with your political aspirations and man just really. Back to what it is not I'm feeling good about it. I'm feeling good about it. You know, I'm I'm excited about what's in store and I'm excited about who you are and how you're going to serve the the the people that you're elected to serve. It's it's exciting times for sure. Thank you. It's a blessing to have the opportunity to Serban. It's it's. It's a dream to write fiction just is it's just I. It's one of those things I've always aspired to do and. Be Able to have the opportunity to do it now it's just awesome. That umbrella well, like I said, I want to be respectful of your time. I want to get you out of here. So you can get to your your fundraiser, your lunch, and that you have really appreciate our friendship looking forward to continue in. Seeing how everything goes man and happy to and honored to support you as well are brother I'll talk to you soon and then we'll talk soon. All right take care. A. Gentleman there you go my conversation with one and only Sean Parnell I. Hope you enjoyed it regardless of what side of the political aisle you sit on anytime. I have somebody who is has has has a bias towards one side or the other of the political aisle on the political spectrum always. Tried to be as unbiased as I can and. represent a fair. Conversation. Representing as Best I can't both sides of the aisle because I think there's pros and cons to. All of our ideas and the way that we show up and the things that we think and so hopefully. Give you some different considerations and perspectives to consider as we head into a deeper into the election cycle It's very very important that we elect the right men into leadership positions. I obviously, the the future of this country is depends on US electing those leaders who we feel are going to lead this country in in the best place, and that's why I'm not going to shy away from these conversations. But again I do try to present them in a fair way anyways I. Hope you enjoyed Let's see what do want you to do check out the store check out the.

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