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Renewed focus on remembrance morning and resolve. More rallies are planned in North Carolina today against the police shooting of Andrew Brown junior. It's been nearly six weeks now since he was killed in his car as deputies served an arrest warrant. The rallies will take place in several cities, including Charlotte and Raleigh. Pope Francis has changed Catholic Church law to explicitly criminalize the sexual abuse of adults by priests who abuse their authority. It also says lay people who hold church office can be sanctioned for sex abuse crimes. These new provisions released today after 14 years of study were contained in the revised criminal law section of the Vatican's Code of Canon law, the in House legal system that Covers the 1.3 billion strong Catholic Church. The most significant changes aimed to address major problems and shortcomings, and the church is handling of sexual abuse. The law recognizes that adults to convey victimized by priests who abuse their authority. The nation is getting closer to President Biden's covert vaccination goal. California in Maryland are the latest to reach it before the fourth of July was 70% of adults getting at least one dose. That makes 12 states so far with five others still under 40% Co Moh news time. 5 20 now propel insurance Money update. The outlook for the world's economy is improving is the vaccine rollout continues, The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has raised its global growth forecast to 5.8% this year and nearly 4.5% next year, this organization in Paris Has the combination of renewed business activity and the massive US stem be stimulus program have helped the global economy returned to pre pandemic levels. Las Vegas is betting people are ready to return to Sin City. As of today, vaccinated people don't have to wear a mask of practice social distancing. All of the casinos are back in business at 100% capacity, and large gatherings and dance clubs are allowed. Vegas is also getting ready for its first big convention. Since the pandemic started. The world of concrete trade show starts June 7th minority farmers in this country are starting to receive federal loan forgiveness. Aid is part of President Biden's American rescue plan. But Texas Agriculture commissioner said Miller is suing because he feels the program discriminates against white people Discriminatory obviously unconstitutional. We've got 100% of the pandemic aid for farmers, 100% of it going to last in 2% of the farmer, Miller says white farmers make up 98% of the Democratic and they won't see any money from this. His lawsuit is backed by America first Legal. That's an organization founded by former Trump Advisor Stephen Miller. Looks like June will be off to a positive start on Wall Street. Dow futures up 242 points right now, the SNP up 22 NASDAQ futures sub 58. We'll check traffic and weather for you coming up next Cuomo news time. 5 22 News.

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