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This here. I think that tier is pretty well defined. Tier to the stars a category that when we've done these rankings, it's expanded and contracted rapidly. Over the last couple of years these are quarterbacks who play at a consistently high level, they're statistically superior to their peers. The majority of them. Super look Albert quarterbacks MVP contenders. And some hall of fame candidates. They're still playing at a statistically elite level if you wanna use that word, but. It's a little bit behind everybody. I hadn't one as we continue our NFL quarterback tears Ben Rothlisberger in here. Although I don't think he's in solidly in this category. As you might think it's because if you look at the advanced stats on how he plays. It's not quite as good as traditional metrics. That's because he's a volume passer if you wanna use an NBA phrase lots of throws up there in the Steelers offense thirty four touchdown sixteen interceptions. Sixty seven percent completions. Did lead the league with fifty one hundred twenty nine yards, but that PF rating which kind of goes to well, it's more of a volume thing than an efficiency thing right now with Rothlisberger. Seventy eight point two Philip rivers is in tier two for the chargers. Thirty two touchdowns twelve interceptions ninety point eight PF rating forty three hundred yards. He is going to be a hall of Famer anybody who thinks Philip rivers just because he's never played in the Super Bowl. Never one isn't a hall of Famer. I'm sorry. The. Career accumulation of his statistics, and it's consistent high level play. This foreign news career. Philip rivers is going to be a hall of Famer. He's also into your to Matt Ryan sorry. Saints fans. Jek.

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