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Usually on this podcast. We talk about parenting issues. But once a week catherine i like to get together to discuss tv movies books and other entertainment topics. Because it's nice to talk about something other than parenting a change this week. We wrapped up season two of zoe's extraordinary playlist and we checked out a new singing show called girls five ever. Let's say goodbye zoey so. This was the last episode of the second season. The third season according to newsweek. Maybe maybe not maybe on peacock but it could end here. Yes or it could go on next year with please them not changing couples but now max ask them though zoe still have the power would they be a dynamic duo or right is it. Benifit ranch switch in some way But the whole the whole florida we should say what the episode was about. The whole plot of it was max was going to go to new york with rose and zoe mostly because the script said so decides she doesn't want to be with simon anymore that she really loves maxon all throughout the up searches trying to figure out what she's going to do about that and finally she goes to the airport and saw max singing when a man loves a woman and she thought it was two rows but of course we know that it was not and then as i kind of expected to happen. She is just somewhere in all of san francisco. And max appears says. He couldn't go because he loves her. Well ampoules words were said but that was the essence of it. So i guess that was there. It was that their spot or something. Because it's like. I feel like they've been there before. Did he have a. gps tracker on her bribes. Maybe maybe that's part of her. Smart spark point technology and simon is cool with them no longer being together and rose who cares about rose. We barely knew rose but she's probably not singing the happiest heart song right at the moment but neither neither a nor zoe is within range. So you go senior angry. Heart song rose in the big apple. I really like. They made her a little bit too. Likable let us hope that this is the end of the whether it's the end of the series or not is the end of the which handsome man will zoe choose because enough plead up. But you know if not to. Max is going to have a heads up about real quick so it also here in the last episode of the season. We finally got what we should all season. And that's peter gallagher. Tarim dad to save him for the season finale. A just made me think that we could've they could've worked there so many ways. They could've worked him in so many ways. We got a flashback. And we got a green brief memory of the seeing stars and stuff and then we got dream dad on the last darn episode..

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